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Training for a transplant Empty Training for a transplant

Post by Akki on Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:19 am


Name: Doujutsu Transplant Jutsu
Rank: S
Type: Medical
Element: N/A
Description: This jutsu is used to transplant one organ of one person to the other, even switching between the two. It can be between the user and someone else or between two others. This is done with the eyes only.


Akki woke up early one morning, which is a goal for him since he rarely sleeps. Akki swung his legs over his bed and sat up; in doing so he stretched and scratched his chest. His body was covered in stitches from his secret he kept hidden from most people. Standing up Akki yawned and formed a hand seal. It was a transformation jutsu. There was a small poof of smoke and when it cleared the Kazekage was still standing there, the only difference was that he didn’t look like a rag doll. His skin was smooth and unaffected. Well it was just an illusion but it would hold for what Akki needed it to hold for. But one thing that Akki couldn’t do was completely transplant things to someone else. And he wanted to start with something that would be a wanted ability, the transplanting of doujutsu. Akki had read up on doujutsu, the almighty eye techniques a few clans are lucky to have. They were supposed to give those who had them great power, some even reaching beyond those of blood clan members if they were skilled enough. Akki wanted to try and get one for himself, but he also knew that it would be a great ability to have to gain an ally. Akki was going to have to practice, but he couldn’t practice on people cuz he would most likely fuck up quite a bit his first few times. So gathering a few materials Akki decided to start on his way. So he stood up and got dressed, pulling on his Kazekage hoodless cloak. Walking outside the first thing Akki needed to do was find a few animals. Akki took a stroll down to the suburbs of Suna, where the lower class lived, if that’s what you would have called them. He wasn’t looking for anything specific, just something that would appear. While walking around town he passed an alley and continued walking, but something had caught his eye. Stopping and backing up Akki looked down the alley, licking his lips. There were two dogs barking and growling at each other. Akki grinned and disappeared in a flash of light. The dogs were dazed and started stumbling, wiping their faces along the ground trying to gain their sight back. Akki reappeared by the dogs and karate chopped them in the back of their necks, knocking them out. He picked up the dogs and slung one over each shoulder. The next thing he would do would be to check their eyes. No cataracts or cuts or film, good, they were healthy. Akki then walked out of the alley and back to the main building, the kage building.

Once reaching the Kage building Akki took the dogs down into the training room basement. It was a secret basement that only few knew of, and that would be the kage and Anbu. Down here Akki laid the dogs on a table and pulled out some books. He read the books, going to the chapters about the optical nerves and the retinal placement. When he felt like he had read enough and retained the information he knew Akki activated his medical style chakra. A dark green chakra emitted from his hands. Placing one hand over one eye of each of the dog’s he felt for their optical nerves and things to do with the eyes. Once doing so Akki forced his chakra into the eyes, sustaining them and the muscles around them. Then Akki pulled the eyes out slowly, using his chakra to detach the eyes, using his chakra to harden the muscles around the eyes to hold them in place so they wouldn’t collapse. He then switched the eyes, putting one from one hand and one to the other. From here he then placed the eyes back into the dogs. By now the dogs would be coming to so Akki was doing his best to hurry up. When he finally finished the jutsu the dogs woke up and blinked. Looking around the dogs hopped up off the table. Akki watched them for a minute, you could see the eyes now different from the dogs. But the dogs didn’t know. They acted as if nothing was different. Akki smiled in success, taking the dogs outside and letting them go. Akki now had to do something he didn’t want to do. He needed to test on a human. There was this genin boy who had an eye problem. His left eye was blind and infectious, going to kill him if it wasn’t removed. For some reason no one would touch his eye. Akki also had a criminal locked up in one of the holds in the building. He knew what he was going to do. Akki went to the hold where the criminal was, his eyes were perfect. Akki zapped him with lightning jutsu, paralyzing him. Akki used his jutsu to pull one of his eyes out and placed it in a jar with preservatives to keep the eye alive and fresh. The next thing he did was go and find the genin boy. He knew where he lived, doing his best to keep his spirits up. Akki pulled the eye out of the jar and shook it off. He activated the jutsu and pulled out the boy’s bad eye and replaced it with the good one, luckily they were close to the same color. Akki left and threw the bad eye away, the man locked up in the cell would have to live without an eye.


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Training for a transplant Empty Re: Training for a transplant

Post by Kai Terumi on Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:18 pm

Kai Terumi
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