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Post by Kenji on Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:08 pm

For Training 7000]

Kenji could remember the feeling of the day they meet, so clearly, it was crazy. As the old carrage rocked back in forth Kenji found himself day dreaming about him and his brother when they were younger. The time before he was Chuunin and just a young genin. As the carrage passed under a large oak tree, Kenji slowly leaned his head back as he allowed his attention to drift of to the old days.

~Flash Back~

    One day Ace was looking thru his father's old notes when came across a book that listed a special Sharingan known as Mangekyō Sharingan. Although he heard his brother speaking having this skill he knew nothing about this form of sharingan. Ace continued to read the book and learned of a place outside sand village that told of a full moon ceremony that could grant an Uchiha the ability to learn the Mangekyō Sharingan. His father spoke of this place as where the falcons danced under the stars, and that the effects that is had on the Sharingan was an exotic form of Mangekyō Sharingan, the tomoes in the eyes fly in a circle all different colors and different in sizes and shapes. On the following full moon night Ace adventure out of the village to this place where he would see the ceremony for himself. Ace made it in time to see the dance of togetherness as he watched the falcons fly around in circles for several minutes. During his time there he could here a female's voice from up above. Ace remembered his father writing about a voice he heard from above and how he called out and the voice responded. Ace slowly called up to the birds and watched as several falcons few down to the ground.

    Ace watched as the falcons hopped towards him. One falcon stood at ten feet tall with a wingspan that looked to be about 14 feet long. 'Who are you' asked an all black falcon that matched the description of Ace's father's description. Ace quickly bowed his head as he said, "I am Kenji Uchiha, son of Tokyo Uchiha." Ace slowly stood up as he looked the black falcon in the eyes. "Indeed you are," said the Black Falcon, as he proceeded to say, "So I take it you have come here to make a contract with your own Falcon and learn of the all powerful Sharingan we own." Ace slowly shook his head no as he said, "I was just looking through some of my father's notes, and that's what lead me here. I wanted to see some of the things that he saw when he was alive." The Black Falcon's head turned sideways as he was confused, "Than why did you call out to us?" Ace slowly thought about what the Black Falcon's question before saying, "I heard a beautiful voice singing and I wanted to know where it was coming from." The Black Falcon called out to his daughter, "Didn't I tell you about singing in the human the language?"

    The white falcon that stood slightly shorter than the black falcon said, "But father i wasn't singing in the human language. I was merely singing in tone with you?" The black bird quickly turned and looked at Ace and began squawking in a language that Ace could not understand, Than the white falcon began to squawk, but this time Ace understood everything that was being said by the white bird. Ace quickly answered, "I'm not trying to cause you any problems, I didn't know it was wrong for me to understand you while you where not talking in the human language." Ace watched as both of the stopped squawking and looked directly at him. So you can understand even when we are not talking in the human language. Ace slowly shook his head no, "I can only understand her when you are talking outside of the human language." Ace watched as the Black Falcon gave a slight smile and final said, "You are truly the son of Tokyo." The Falcon that proceeded to hand him a feather from the White Falcon. "On the day you are ready, my daughter will become your partner, and she will protect you until the day you die." With that the Large Black Falcon would slowly turn towards as he placed his tycoon to Ace's face allowing a weird spritual spark to slam into Ace's eye as his normal Rain colored eyes turned red. Unknown to Ace at the time a contract had been made and he was granted the first Tomoe to his Sharingan.

~Flash Back Ended~

Kenji would slowly patted his lap as he looked down at the driver who seemed to be off in his own little day dream, with a slight chuckle Kenji would make the old man that he should be watching the rode as it he took the time to daydream. Kenji would softly pat the back of the driver as he made the statement that today was the exactly day, two years later, since they had meet and wow didn't we have some great adventures back than. For as long as Kenji could remember Kai had been his carriage driver to all his missions. Kenji slowly began to remember them going through with the first meeting. It was one of the most exciting things he had ever been through. He remember having to sign the contract with his falcon while falling from a cliff. He remembered that angel telling him that he was luck because if he had messed up he would have most likely died. That was the first time he had ever been scared for his life over something that he didn't want to do, What a crappy mission that. He was just glad that everything went as planned the final time around when he and Kai had to escape. He smiled softly as he thanked the old man in his mind for getting him to his all of his locations for mission and home safely. Kenji smiled as looked down at the bag on the floor once more as he remembered their first training session and meeting Kai's daughter and using Angel at will for the first time.

~Flash Back Begins~

    Just as dawn began to break over the mountains and threw his window, Esu laid in bed with his eyes still focused on the roof. He had stayed up later than usually and the only thing he could think about was how to push him to the next level. Esu slowly threw the cover from his body as he picked up a kenjustsu training scroll and looked it over. Although there had been rumors to the things the technique had to offer, there was no one in the Sand Village that could teach him. Esu knew that this was a journey he was going to have to complete a lone, which didn't bother him much. Esu had grown a custom to being the black sheep in the village every since his brother died, and hell why not; he was the only Uchiha to left to live in this village at this time. While many people adored his warm personality, there were a few that questioned his usefulness without having anyone to teach him his family jutsus. Little Esu showed them how much he really needed his family as he graduated the top of his class, and going into the chuunin exams. Esu broke expectations as he flew pass the first two test of the exams, and dominated this opponents in the finals of the exams.

    It wasn't often that Esu decided to go out and train way out in the desert, be to his relief he was able to pick up a few need items as he rode his falcon's back towards the barren lands. Esu allowed most of his face to hang out in the hot sun as he his hair covered his eyes from the beating light. The falcon was moving at a rather slow pace than which she originally started, but Esu figured he would be fine since they were only a twenty- nine miles away from the village. As Esu was riding by, when he happen to look down into a small ditch of sand to see a girl laying in it. At first he had every intention to pass by her and leave her there, but as she played in the sand, he pride as a ninja wouldn't let him. He quickly patted Angel as he hopped of the Falcon's back and glided down to her.

    He saw what appeared to be an almost empty can of water and a small food supply. Esu quickly picked the woman's head up as he began to pour water onto her scarf and whip her face. By doing this he would be able to cool her body down and save water. He quickly poured some of his water into her mouth as he softly patted her face to see if he could snap her of desert fever. While most people who never lived in this area would call it illusion or the desert playing tricks on the mind, the ninjas of Sand Village, knew better. Desert Fever was when you become so over heated that you, began go slightly insane, most people who were struck with Desert Fever, and lived to tell about it claimed to see an oasis in the middle of this great big sand box.

    Esu quickly called to the woman continued to tap her face with water until he got a response that didn't sound like sharks swimming in sand crazy. He watched as she began to come to as he picked her up and placed her on Angel's back so that they could fly back to a near town he had passed by a few miles ago. The heat in the sky was very humid and hard to breathe. In her current condition Esu knew she wouldn't last long up here and quickly had Angel land as he planned to carry the woman over the small mountain towards the little town they had passes about twenty minutes ago. Esu quickly placed the necklace around Angel's neck. "Scout a head and let me know what coming." He quickly grabbed enough water to last him the trip as he tied it to his waist and picked the woman up. The woman seemed to be drifting in and out as she was able to focus long enough to give her name as Bella.

    Without saying a word Esu quickly began to carry the woman towards the town. Randomly stopping to give her a few sips of water, and his shoulders and back a rest. So far they had traveled a total of 1 mile and the sun was starting to hit in the peak of the day. Esu could feel the temperature rising as he saw Angel fly over head time to time to check in on him. He slowly pulled his sword from his waist as he slowly began to do a few kenjutsus steps that he had remember going over in class. He quickly stepped into the cactus as he swung his sword at it cutting it in half. He then used his sword to skin the cactus so that he could use the moisture that was in the plant to create a wet cloth for the woman.

    He quickly came to the realization that he would have to carry her over the lost mountains. He sighed softly as he bent down and picked the woman back up. He quickly placed her on his shoulders as he gave the ordered for Angel to go forward. Although he didn't know where this woman was originally going, he knew he was going to have to cross that bridge when it came, there was only one place came to mind, as it was the only thing with in miles of their current location. He knew it was rude to do things the way he had been so far, but the fact still remained, this woman was lost in the desert and he was the only person that could get her to safety. Esu looked back slightly as the woman as she asked where he was taken her, but Esu gave no answer as the heat had long kicked in and explaining himself would have burnt more energy than he wanted, beside rather he told her or not the result would end up the same. As the woman thanked him, Esu slightly nodded his head. With the extra weight on his back Esu found himself slightly sinking in the sand as each step was harder than the last. Esu slightly stubbed when he had stopped moving for a second and he feet had slightly went into the sand about a inch deep.

    Esu quickly remember he could use water walking jutsus on sand, but it would burn up a lot of energy. He slightly patted his head as he lowered his body and pushed forward. While he already knew he could have shin shun threw most of the sand the result would the same and with this woman in her fragile state, she could easily be injured if he was careless with her strapped to his body. Esu quickly began to unstrap several items from his waist and back as they completed another one small check point. He softly called as he wanted to know how many more miles until they reached the town. Angel quickly explained what he say going on the small town and how it may be unsafe to take her there, but the fact of the matter was still the same, It was too hot for her to travel by sky and not another nearby place, he could take her.

    He quickly picked up his ground travel packs as placed them back into their correct location. He soon picked the woman back up and placed her on his back once more. With a slight peep in his step Esu began to move double time as he had to get this woman out of the desert and save a small town. Although he knew it wouldn't be a good idea to charge the mountain head on without a break, Being that the mountains had lots of cover cliffs that created blind spot, Esu did it anyway, He made each step count as he pushed towards the top of the mountain, Although the mountain was that high, it was the largest place in the desert like this so no one every complained about its name. Esu waved to Angel as he asked for an updated on the village.

    Angel said things seemed to be still about the same and that Esu should hurry. Looking down the mountain Esu saw about another three miles to the village, but he didn't have time to waste, He quickly pulled the woman to his body as he leaped forwards and began to dive slightly down the hill. He quickly activated his tree climbing jutsus as he could feel the woman arms tighten up around his shoulders. Within seconds they were at the bottom of the cliff and the woman was only a little sore from the bumpy ride. He quickly gave Angel and ok sign as he stopped and gave the woman some water. Esu looked the woman over and she seemed to be in a better condition than before so he had to ask one question that was really starting to eat at him, but he wanted to say in away so it didn't sound like he was insulting her. He quickly figured out the question as he asked rubbed his face.

    "So Miss Lady," Esu asked in a soft but firm voice, "What bring you way out here to this big grave yard of sand?"

~Flash back Paused~

Kenji slowly came back from his day dream as the carrage stop. He slowly looked over to the driver who had stopped to take a quick water break. Kenji slowly smiled as he placed his hand on the falcon's head and petted softly. Angel slowly looked up to him as she said, "You're still day dreaming master." Kenji giggled softly as he said "Don't call me that we're partners and don't you ever forget that." He softly kisses the falcons head as he look at her. He softly patted the falcon's on the head as he tell her to go scout the area really quick. The white falcon quickly takes off leaving a small shadow over his head as she flys away.

As Angel flew off high above head, Kenji allowed himself to fall back into a slight easyness as he called over to the driver. Kenji quickly hopped off the carrage as he walked over to the driver. He slowly bent down and patted the man shoulder as he asked if the man was ok. The driver finally nodded his head as he got back into the carriage. Kenji slowly climbed back on as as he sat next to the driver and asked "how much further do we have to go?" The driver softly patted his head and said "not far at all son not far at all. You still as impatient as I remember you." Kenji softly laughed as he said, "I got it from your daughter." They both laughed softly as Kenji began to think back to the time he meet the driver's daughter Bella. It was on the same day he had went out to train.

~Flash Back Continued~

    "I... work for small town Bardego... I'm Bella or, who might you be?"

    As these words ran through Esu's ears he laughed softly, "Interesting I work for that town Bardego also to, it a shame we have never run into each other. You could say I work on the more secret cases. You know the hush, hush one. But you can call me Esu." He slowly tapped the canteen of water as he softly looked her in the eyes in told her to drink more water. "We're only a few mile away from Bardego, it just up a head. Just hold on tight and stay hydrated... I don't need your grave hanging over my head, when I wasn't hired to kill you." Esu listened carefully as she talked about a bandit and his group of thugs that came in this morning taking over everything and destroying the town. Sayu nodded his head softly, “Actually will be there in about 15 minutes, I already know about the issue and I’m going to solve it as a we get there, so let’s make this stop quick so we can get there as soon as possible." Esu gave her a small smile as he patted the bird’s head and helped her up on his back. They soon were moving as she was in a much better feeling and Sayu was able to continue towards the town while Shunshin at a high speed. As the small town came into view, Esu slightly smiled as he walked around towards a small barn and called Angel into it. He quickly looked at the woman who seemed to be in very bad shape due to the heat. He quickly checked his pockets to see how much money he had on him.

    If anything it would be able to get them a room for a few hours and give the eagle a chance to rest and something to eat before getting back in the sun. Esu quickly lead the eagle into the top of the small barn and patted so that it would hid until he need Ang's help. “Miss Bella, I'm going to get us a room and get you out of the sun stay here." Esu quickly ran to the small inn and got a room with plenty of ice and a tub. While the room wasn't that bad the ice was insanely high. It wasn't as if Esu expected anything else being in the desert. He quickly ran back to the girl and picked her up and carried her to the small inn room. He simply laid her on the bed as he quickly ran a tub full of water as he began to drop the bags of ice into it, so that it could be used to cool off the woman. Within seconds the water was cool enough to put Bella in so she could rehydrate he red skin and cool off. The water was starting to chill nice, but Esu did let the water get too cold, because it might cause her body to be sent into shock from a fast temperature change.

    Esu quickly placed her in the water with her cloths still on her. He slowly sat by the tub as he placed several pieces of ice in a rag and placed it on her forehead. "So do you feel better now?" He asked as he slowly pulled a small scroll book from his pocket. He yawns softly as he read the information under the picture that was circled. Once he was done reading, quickly placed the book back into his pocket as he removed the iced rag and checked her facial temperature. "You are starting feel and look much better than before." He said as he gave a slightly smile that faded rather quickly as he looked at the time. As he stood up he heard Bella ask him about his book. Esu slightly patted her head as he ignored her question about it. He quickly walked out of the bathroom as he asked her to stay put, "If you get too cold there are a set of clothes on the bed next to your weapons..." Esu slightly pulled a small robe above his head. "I'm going to go see what I can do about getting you something to eat and finding you some cream for your bruised skin." Esu quickly walked over to his sword as he picked it up and hooked it to his waist. "I'm serious, no matter what happens or what you hear, I want you to stay in this room until I return, don't even leave if your life depends on it." Esu knew he was asking a lot from a woman, he barely knew, but this was the only way he could keep her out of the way as he prepared to handle the bandits and thugs.

    He slowly walked out of the room as he went over to the nearby bar. He quickly took a seat as he asked the man about the thugs. The Bartender told him about one or two that had passed through only hours before the rest of the gang arrived in town. Esu quickly figured that one of them had to be the boss. He quickly asked the bartender if he knew where the two guys from the gang was current at or were would most of them be at this current moment. Bartender mention something about one of the guys said something about looking for a convoy, that should be passing through in a few hours, and the other one was talking about a missing girl and that had fled this morning and were head to search for the sheriff Daughter Bella. But the convoy needs to make several stop to resupply the other towns before it arrives here, so they figured that the convoy would stop at the next town which was only 6 miles north from here first before coming here. Esu quickly thanked the man for the information as he walked next door to a small store. Esu quickly bought a few chilled fish that were keep in ice water and a bag of rice. "Hmm this will do nicely for a small meal," Esu said as he had the fish wrapped up and placed in a bag with plenty of ice in it, while in the store he saw a few of the bandits and heard them talking about the boss. Esu quickly picked up several more things that could eat while traveling, and had it put into a small box that he could hit it with Angel in the top of the small barn.

    Esu quickly dropped the food off at the barn with his trusted partner Angel, the falcin, as he wanted to prep himself for a fight and maybe a getaway for Bella if things got too bad. He quickly pulled the necklace from Angel’s neck as he watched him return to his full size, he than patted him on the head as he told him to fly over towards the room and watch over Bella. He felt the top of Angel’s head as he patted it once more before sneaking out of the back of the barn. Esu quickly looked at the time as he headed to the sheriff office. He quickly remembered that being the location, he heard the leader was hanging out at until his partner got back. Esu slightly sighed to himself, as he got the idea if he takes out the boss, than the rest might not have a reason to stick around. He quickly snuck around back as he crawled through an open window and saw the boss man sitting at the table with a large hammer by the door and a sword on his back. It wasn't that Esu was thrilled about this sneak attack, but as he got a look at the size of the man, he knew that he would not be a cake walk. If this had been for a job or a mission, he would have been more than thrilled to take on a gang, but because it was no money involved, or some sort of award he was slightly dispute by the task at hand. Esu quickly pushed his way into the room with the man as he saw the sheriff of the town tied up and beaten into a bloody mess. Esu quickly placed his right hand over his head as he drew his blade and prepared to make his attack.

    ‘My oh my, you people are really something, you would really try to kill a man with his back turned towards you.’

    Esu quickly froze as he looked at the rather large man. Esu gripped his blade tighter as the man spun around in his chair and gave him a big evil smile. Esu showed very too little emotions to the fact that his plan was ruined as he took a good look at the man on head. Esu slowly walked deeper into the small room as he placed his back against the wall along with his right foot. Looking at the slouched down man Esu could tell this man had to easily outweigh and over look him by leaps and bounds of the imagination. Esu softly asked, "So are you this boss man I was hearing about called, Mister Tia Lang?" The large man quickly responded in a way that Sayu wasn't to fund of.

    'What if I am boy?... If you got a problem with that, why don’t you just spit it out?'

    Esu laughed softly as he gripped the handle of his long blade sword and causally took placed his attention on the man’s hand that was firmly placed in the middle of the desk. The handle of the sword was one foot long, and held a blade that was 40 inches in length; which made the swords look longer than what it actually was, not that a three foot long blade is small. Esu quickly slide his hand up towards the hilt of the blade as he swung it at the man’s face causing him to cut the man chair in half and cause a long cut down his back. The man was a lot quicker than Esu expected for his size, the way the man dodge most of the attack so quickly was slightly an amazing trick of its own. Esu watched as the man stood up and charge him. Esu quickly used his Gentle Step Twin Lions Fist technique as he dodge the blunt of the man charge, but instead of hit him with his fist; Sayu forcefully jab the sword into the man’s back aiming for the man’s heart. Esu could fill a warm wet feeling hit his face, as he watched blood began to drip down his swords hilt and on to his hand.

    ‘So that is how you people are, killing a man while he’s not looking.’

    Esu could feel the man hand slightly gripping the tip of his blade, before releasing it and falling to the ground with his face to the floor. Esu stood there motionless as he stared at the tip of the blade. It was covered in a red crimson liquid. It wasn’t that Esu had never killed before, but the way that he killed this man, made him feel slightly awkward in a way he could explain. It wasn’t like he was killing him to kill him, he was trying to save these people from his gang, but the way things played out how he was expecting it. Esu quickly placed the sword back into it sheet as he rushed to the badly beaten sheriff. He listened as the sheriff thanked him, but paid no attention to it as his mind was more focused on the rest of the task at hand. Esu quickly helped the sheriff to his feet as he led him out the front door. Esu was quickly greeted by the attention of a lot of people as they stared at his blood tainted face and clothes. Esu quickly watched as several men stepped forward and pointed at looked. Him as him he was some sort of monster. He heard one of the men yell where is the boss, as a guy that was to the far right of Esu ran in the door. He heard the words echo in the back of his ears that the boss was dead.

    Esu quickly led the sheriff to a group of women who quickly wrapped their arms around him and led him into a small store. Esu quickly turned around as he saw the faces of the gang as they looked at him. Esu watched as the man who had ran into the station return with the Tai’s hammer and sword. Esu slowly bent down and touched the ground with his right hand as he looked at the gang that was almost as devilish as the look on the man he had just killed, “So what of it? You boys going to leave willing or will these nice people need to get a coffin for you’ll also?” Esu watched as the town’s people cleared the streets, leaving only the gang to stand in front of him. Esu slowly stood up as he heard someone call out, no we will do neither being how your head will hang on a stick to show that we are not to be messed with. Esu watched as another large man appeared from the gang. He was about as big as the man in the office if not bigger. He could hear the tone of the gang’s voice starting to change as someone said Tai Lang is back. Esu’s head slightly tilted as he looked upon the man they were calling Tai Lang. He watched as one of the men handed him the hammer and the sword of the guy, he thought to be Tai Lang.

    “So are you the boy that killed my little brother?”

    Esu nodded his head as he pulled out his sword and said “Yeap with this here sword.” He could that his action as had angered the man, but Esu really didn’t care. He was no longer in the mood to play around with these guys, as he would soon need to return to his village. “So I take it you’re going to be the one taking my head and placing it on a stick, right?” Sayu little grin quickly turned to a frown as he partners Angel began to circle around above their heads. “Well I’d just like to see you try.” Esu quickly charged in as the prepared to make a quick attack with his sword.

~FlashBack Paused~

Esu softly looks to the sky as he feels a long shadow hanging over his face. He slowly sticks is arm out as Angel returns to him. Esu softly smiles as he pets her head as and gives her a little bird feed. "Now tell me what did you see?" Esu asked as he was eager to know. "The village is off about another hour or so." Said angel as she used her wings to point. Esu slightly nodded his head as he ws ready to return home. He slightly leaned back as he looked over at angel than the driver. "Well sheriff can say i don't enjoy the rides, and I bet Angel is glad to have a rest every once in a while." The driver softly laughted as he said, "anything for you." Esu softly nodded as he pulled his hood over his head and reclined back in his seat.

Esu cold feel every bump in the road as the carrage continued to move. He was glad to be back in his home land. He was starting to ready himself for his welcome home. He knew once he got back he would have a stack of papers on his desk and his small group of ninja's banging at his door. He smiled softly as he petted angel and allowed the sun to beam down on his body.

~Flash back continued~

    As Esu got closer, he was quickly forced to duck as the hammer like weapon, quickly flew by his face barely missing as it hit the ground. Esu quickly leaped back out of reach of the man as he got a even better look at the man named Tai, who was now holding the hammer up above his head. Tai quickly followed him while swinging the battle hammer. Esu continued to jump back and dodge making sure not to be in range of the hammer as hit the ground and shoot it fiercely. Esu noticed that the man had to basically throw the hammer around to use it as a weapon, even though that would seemed to be a difficult way to fight, it seemed to work for him as he did look to have the size and weight to do it. Esu quickly noted that this man who couldn’t be smaller than 7 foot something, and had about 400 pounds to his advantage, could possible tire himself out if Esu keep on dodging him like this. Esu quickly placed his hand on the back of the blade as he took notes of the small crowd gathering around the fight. He could hear the town people cheering for him, and the gang cheering for Tai.

    His mind began to race as all the dodging he was doing was starting to take a toll on his body also. Esu quickly came up with the idea, that if he cut off one of the man hands, He could possible end this fight quickly without having to kill him. He quickly decided the right hand would be his goal, because that seemed to be the anchor for Tai’s ability to use the hammer the way that he did. If he did it fast enough, there would be no way for Tai to use the hammer, and the fight would be over within seconds if the man didn’t pass out right away from pain or grow dizzy from the massive amount of blood lost. Esu slightly twirled the sword in his hand as he stopped it with the handle of the blade pointed at Tai. He quickly rushed the man and swung his long blade at Tai's stomach, while Tai swung the battle hammer. As Esu ducked low as the battle hammer flew over his head and hit the ground, he quickly taunted as he tried to bait Tai into swinging the weapon like that again. Esu watched as pool of sweet dripped from the man's face, he began to smile as the gang cheered Tai on to keep fighting.

    As Tai weapon drug along the ground, Esu quickly charged him using his shadow step and shadow strike, with great speed and strength he quickly swung the long blade at Tai’s left arm causing a big splash of blood to hit his face and clothes once more. He quickly watched as the man raved and yelled about his missing arm. Esu quickly taunted as he yelled “dam” as he exaimed the arm and noticed that he had cut the wrong arm off. "Sorry about that mister I guess I got wrapped up in the battle and didn't pay attention, were you not ready." He continued to taunt as he threw the arm in the street and placed both hand back his sword. He watched as Tai toss the large battle hammer to the side as he pulled out a much smaller sword. To the untrained eye Esu looked as if he clearly had the advantage, but the in reality, he was still tired from the dodging and traveling, and it was all starting to catch up to him at once. Esu watched as Tai place his cut arm into the sand as the than order someone from the gang to wrap it so he could continue to fight. A young boy who couldn’t be any older than Esu quickly did as he was told. He watched carelessly as boy did so, he was uninterested in hurting the boy, or fighting a man whose weapon was down, but he was more than happy to catch his breath and take a sip of water.

    Esu slowly smile as the gang watched in amazement as Tai stood back up ready to fight. "You know no matter how hard you try to bandage that arm, the more you fight in this heat, the more you’ll bleed, so please just give it a rest, I'm sure your doctor can repair that arm of yours, if you just give him a chance." He slightly pointed to boy. Just as Esu said that, Tai dropped into his stance and gang grew louder than before. The noise was loud enough to at least be heard all over the small town. "Well if you insist, than I will have no choice." Esu said as he sighed softly and raised his sword back up.

    Esu could hear a girl screaming as he turned his head, his eyes quickly darted over to Bella, who barely seemed to be standing while holding up her axe. "I thought I told you to stay in the room... You need more rest." His eyes slowly slide back towards Tai who was now looking at Bella. His eyes seemed to zero in on the woman about the same time that Esu’s did. The only difference was that Tai wasn't looking away. 'So is this your woman boy' Tai called as he raised the sword above his head. Esu quickly said "Not at all, she's just some woman I found in the desert." Tai laughed as he said, 'If she not your woman, than she’s not that important, so why is she interrupting our fight?' Tai quickly charged Bella as he swung his blade from above his head down at her. In the very second that Tai began to move, so did Esu. He quickly got in between the two by using his shadow step jutsu again, just as he got there he quickly used his long sword to defend off the attack. Esu had manage to get right in the middle of Tai's attack and turn in a way that would allow his blade to rest on his right shoulder as Tai's blades would connect. He could feel the blades still touching as he pulled his long dragger with his left hand from his and stabbed it through Tai's heart.

    Even though Esu had been able to get in the way and strike a blow at the same time his actions were costly. When Tai's blade made had made contact with his, it had come with so much force that it caused Esu’s blade to slightly cut into his shoulder. Tai was a lot stronger than he had expected, even after being stabbed in the heart he still managed to speak for a short moment. Tai laughed softly as he coughed up a little blood, ‘So you are the little warrior who killed the Lang Brothers… Tai Lang and Kia Lang, how fitting that someone younger than us would be the one to take us out.’ Esu slightly frowned as he didn’t know how to respond. Tai continued to cough as he said ‘If you don't remember anything else, you should remember this… Never forget the faces or the name of the people you kill, because no matter how long you live or how much time passes by, they never forget your face or name… So tell me little warrior what is your name.” Esu said nothing for a few seconds as he could feel the weight of Tai's blade lessen. "Esu Hyuuga, the Black Sheep of Hoshi." His eyes slowly turned to Bella as he gave her a cold look. "You've should have stayed in the room like I told you." Esu sighed as he could feel his arm beginning to drip.”

    Bella quickly responded as she said, “I heard all the noise and had to see what was going on. So when I looked out the window and say you fighting I just reacted and forgot what you said to me.’

    Esu's listened as Bella spoke, but the only thing he could hear was the final words of Tai ring through his ears and mind. He quickly used his left hand to close the eyes of Tai as he laid his body on the ground. The town people and the gang was silent as they watched in horror as Tai lay motionless. He quickly grabbed Bella's hand as he rushed her over towards the store that the sheriff was in. He quickly ran back to the middle of the street as he pointed for the gang to leave the town. They quickly did as Esu dropped to the ground and grabbed his shoulder. Angel quickly flew down and placed his wings around Esu as she said, “You know killing come with the territory of being a ninja.” Esu quickly nodded as he placed his head into the chest of the large eagle. “Angel let go home, I’ve had enough training for one day. Angel quickly nodded as she laid her head down for Esu to get on his back. Esu quickly hopped on as he held on to his shoulder. He slowly turned and waved softly as the town people cheered and threw rice at him for good luck and to thank him for saving their town. Esu bowed as Angel flew him back to the village hidden in the stars.

~Flash Back ended~

Esu softly moved his hand towards the necklace as he said, "Angel let's go home." He quickly removed the necklace from around her neck as Angel released into her full form. Esu quickly grabbed his traveling bag as he thanked the driver. "Sheriff you'll have to come visit me someday, and please tell Bella I said Hi." The driver softly nodded as he stopped the carriage. "Esu quickly leaped onto his falcon's back as they dash off back towards the village.

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Sharingan Training... Complete Empty Re: Sharingan Training... Complete

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Sharingan Training... Complete --- Sharingan Training... Complete Yondaimesign
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