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Jutsu Training Laws

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Jutsu Training Laws

Post by Cut♠ on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:44 am

First I am going to explain about the lost scroll of Jutsu. The lost scroll of jutsu contains all Cannon Naruto Jutsu. With Naruto Revelations being a furture based site all cannon jutsu are lost to the shinobi knowelge. This is due from a large chunck of years progessing. Naruto takes you into a very more morden world. The Cannon Justu can be learn from jounin to down by a Sensei. All Kages and Sannin can pracatice from the scrolls them self.Missing Nin must learn from a sensei as well or some how steal the scrolls. All Cannon and Custom justu must be train to have. ((This is not including the ones you start out with)) {Staff you do not have to check each and every training topic. I will hope out members will be honest and do their own training. Anyone who dose not train and is caught Godmoding because that what it will be. Will recive one warning then fallow under the ban rules.}


D-Rank=250 word count

C-Rank=500 word count

B-Rank=1,000 word count

A-Rank=2,000 word Count

S-Rank=3,000 word Count

((Working with some one will cut the word count in half))
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