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Post by Kino Minki on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:27 pm

Kino had awoken around the time of nine forty eight AM. He had plans on training today with his best friend. He got into his training outfit, basically it was his normal cloths but he always used these cloths for training and not anything important. He put on his blue and orange jacket and his blue pants with his blue and orange shoes. He put on his hidden leaf headband and covered it with his Orange tinted goggles. He took out from his closet a small bag and started to pack some extra training outfits. He went downstairs to his kitchen and grabbed some small containers for food that didn't need to be cooked and packed it into his bag. He had been planning this trip for awhile now and now he had extra plans to this trip. His best friend, a fellow Uchiha was coming on the trip also this had been great for his plans as he had planned for training and this would help.

Kino made his way outside carrying his bag over his shoulder with his goggles on over his eyes, he had usually put them over his forehead and not his eyes but today was more windy as it pushed dirt into the air. The clouds in the sky had not completely covered the air, the sun was left to shine in the sky and let down rays of light down upon Konohagakure.

Kino had met up with his friend at the village gates. His friend had already mastered mangekyou Sharingan, a jutsu unknown to Kino but his friend was going to tell him about it during the training just to glot about it, what his friend didn't know was that Kina had the ability to activate mangekyuo sharingan just as he could.

They had made their way out of the village with the permission of the kage. They traveled through the forest that is just around konohagakure still wip

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