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Limited and Banned Abilities

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Limited and Banned Abilities

Post by Cut♠ on Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:33 am

This is a list of power/ability/technique types and their status on the site. This is to let you know if the type you wish to use is allowed. Now obviously this list does not have everything on it as we couldn't think of all types. If the type you wish to use is not on here then please ask an admin or staff if you it will be allowed. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask us. Also any applications made before this list was made and decided upon are exceptions to this, you may notice 1 or 2 apps with some exceptions.

Forbidden: (These are not allowed on the site)
* Molecular replacement/teleportation
* Complete control over anything
* Two or more elements
* Time
* Space
* Astral (star's and to do with anything in outer space...such as meteors etc)
* Anything that effects the weather
* Zero Point Energy
* Mind Control
* OC Zanpaktou's identical to canon character ones
* * Matter

Severely Restricted: (These are allowed to be used but they are heavily restricted in power and uses, if using this type expect your app to heavily scrutinised)

* Telekenesis
* Gravity
* Illusions
* Necromancy
* Alchemy.
* Dark Matter.
* Light
* Sound
* Darkness
* Shadow Manipulation
* Temperature manipulation
* Mimicry

Restricted: (These are allowed on the site but they are restricted in power and uses, if using this type please expect your app to be looked over very carefully)
* Poison
* Mist
* Acid/Corrosion
* Disease

This list will be updated frequently, it is important you check it every time you wish to create a new character as changes may have been made.
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