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Post by Hakai on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:53 am

Starting Threads and Threads Types
All threads are deemed open, attackable and potentially unless otherwise marked:

(Private) – Only threads made in the topic-maker's home territory.
(No-Killing)/(No-Attacking) - Only threads made in the topic-makers home territory.

Battle threads may not be marked Private.

It is perfectly possible to interrupt existing threads as long as Detection and Travel time rules have been satisfied. A failure to follow them will invalidate your actions and may furthermore invalidate the thread. Repeated or malicious breaches of the rules will be punished. Although there are no distinctive rules on traveling and detection, just try to be reasonable on both.


Do not God Mod or Meta-Game, both are unacceptable.Of particular note never:

1) State that you hit opponent in your post with any move or technique. Doing so is God Modding. They will decide if they get hit.
2) Claiming you avoided getting hit without a logical or indeed feasible reasoning behind it. Evasion and defence must be as carefully done as any attack and must be explainable. If you can not explain the logic of your action you are God Modding. Constant dodging, even by means of predictive abilities is also considered God Modding
3) Never state the actions of another person. It is fine to exploit there own actions if the thread allows but never to control those of another especially an opponent. You can not for instance claim your opponent ran to your left unless you opponent actually stated that previously.

Posting jutsu, techniques, weapons, etc. you do not have, or using the ones you have inappropriately or in a manner not implied or stated in the description, in a topic is not permitted. Furthermore if used to avoid death or to make something more powerful than it truly is then you will be considered to have God Modded

When in combat you must post details of any Jutsu used in that post at the bottom.

You can only ever use Jutsu you know prior to the battle. Jutsu learned during the thread will not be allowed for use by you or anyone else.


I know death is something common in the Shinobi World, but to avoid the abuse of this fact, since we don't want all of our characters with dead characters, we added these rules:

You can only kill a character if you got his permission for a death match, meaning you can't join a topic and kill everyone in it without their approval.

The only situation you can kill another character without permission, is in an official event like invasions etc.. as well as Missions, death is enabled in those kind of threads.

Individuals who are temporarily away from the site can not be killed until they return, and are able to properly defend themselves.

Suicide is a problem that plagues many sites asunder. Because of this, we have enacted the Suicide/Assisted Suicide Penalty Plan. If you are found to have killed yourself, or have someone kill you intentionally, you will be punished in the following way(s)-

-The only rank your next character may be is Genin.
-You may only acquire jutsu ranked up to D.

Moral of the story, simple; don't kill yourself

Multiple Threads

All members may participate in up to a number of three active Roleplaying threads running at the same time. Only two of these can ever be an RPing thread. One can be training thread or mission topic that is outside of your normal topics.. While they may exist simultaneously they must cover separate time periods and not contradict one another. At no times should you be at two places at once or be in one country one moment another the next. This is to allow people to train or socialize while involved in other threads that may or may not be moving as fast as they might like. Character death in one thread may invalidate the other.


All Roleplay related problems disputes should be referred to Staff. If you believe someone has breached the above rules please contact either a Moderator or an Administrator about the matter.

Topic Inactivity

If a poster in a battle topic is attacked and fails to reply within 72 hours, the attack will automatically hit. However, if no attack was launched towards him you may do so after 48 hours and claim your auto-hit 24 hours afterward.

If the person takes more than 48 hours twice to post, than you may auto-hit on the second time after 48 hours.

Doujutsu Implants

You may only acquire a maximum of one doujutsu, including any you start with. In order to transplant the doujutsu, you must have a medical specialist with a technique that allows you to do so. The opponent must be an active member of the forum, no one new (as to avoid a character simply being made for the purpose of a doujutsu transplant). Your opponent must still be alive or have just recently died.


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Roleplaying Rules Empty Re: Roleplaying Rules

Post by Hakai on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:54 am

Bijuu Restriction:
A bijuu must be completely immobilized in order to be sealed.
A bijuu may not be extracted from a jinchuriki unless it is killed and released.
You may not 'eat the meat' of a bijuu's belly after being swallowed, or however else you go about it, to obtain Bijuu-like chakra.

Non-Player Characters:
If your opponent uses an excess of one NPC in a fight, all but one may be auto-hit. So long as you do so logically.
No more than five NPCs may be used by a single person per topic. Regardless of the situation.
Any and all NPCs must be extremely weak and not be capable of using any jutsu or advanced weaponry. The only exception are NPCs in missions who must state what jutsu and/or weapons they possess prior to the mission initation.
No NPC is allowed to kill or mutilate a play-controlled character.


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