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Post by +Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie) on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:48 pm


Kaira had headed home after her fight with Haku as she opened her front door she entered it to her home she needed to get ready to go out on a date with Haku as it was a condition as part of there fight but kaira was more than happy to accept seeing as kaira liked him alot and she hoped there relation ship would make something. Kaira had to get ready to go out so she took of all her gear and cloths off which consited off all the weapons scroll's she carries and her, her back leather pants, her blue tunic top and her blue thong. Kaira never weared a bra she sometimes did but it was very rare. Now fully naked Kaira ran the shower in the bathroom so she could get cleaned up. after she had showered she got a towel from he towel stand as kaira step out her body was all weat and clear her blue hair was wet and a tiny bit longer than normal, she then wrapped the towel around her so she could get dried and she headed for her room. Kaira was in her bedroom now with the towel wrapped around her she opened a set of drawers to get her clothes out she was going out in and she laid them on her bed as kaira then got dryed and then but her cloths on and put her onigami flower in her hair put some scents on her so she smelled nice and then waited for Haku to knock at her door so she could go out with him she couldn't wait it had been 5 years since she last dated.

Her attire for going out.

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+Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie)
+Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie)

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Post by Hakudoshi Hozuki on Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:43 pm

Hakudoshi whistled to himself as he headed towards the location of where his date for the night was waiting for him at. His attire was much different then usual. His attire consisted of a silken kimono and hakama, though he still had Samehada with him and his shinobi sandals, though they were made out of a much more expensive material then his usual ones. He might have to look good for his date, but he still had to be somewhat prepared just in the event the village came under attack or something like that. The Co-Sannin of the village finally came up to the door and knocked on it as he tied his long, light blue hair that down to just below his shoulder-blades into a low ponytail. The 4 foot 7 Sannin of Namigakure calmly waited for the door to open as he looked at the door with his mismatched red-and-blue eyes.
Hakudoshi Hozuki
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