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Post by 16 on Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:57 pm

Starting off with the day is boring but sometimes needed sometimes. The type of day for Lotus was not a ordinary day, she feels like for some strange reason a lot of people are going to get slaughtered today and although it doesn’t bother her much to see that its just the question of why she has to gain such a feeling. She was always feeling all copped up in the village, she knew a lot about the village hidden in the leaf which had much fire users to bother with but they couldn’t touch her at all. She wore her usual assassin attire. It usually attracts attention but she doesn’t mind as long as she doesn’t feel insulted or disrespected, that’s when it becomes an issue. She was just seen walking out of the konoha gates just to walk around as she could feel the air of the fire country hot and ready for her to use to burn someone flesh. Then she is seen standing in an area of heat, still in the fire country it’s the rocky fields of the country. She was about 300 meters away from trees, she was just standing here looking towards the tree area and behind her was a ledge and down there is more trees and a lake. She stands just to enjoy the heat not sensing any one presence due to her Heat Sensory powers she stands.

“A purpose needs to be created soon….”


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Burning Akatsuki (Private) Empty Re: Burning Akatsuki (Private)

Post by Kira on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:12 pm

As Kira made his way out of the village, he would allow a soft sigh to pass over his lips as he walked slowly and surely with each step leaving a small impact on the ground. As he walked forward his kage robe, would sway back and forth in the breeze, as he would allow it to hang open bearing his chest. His dark navy shirt would hug his body as black baggy pants would follow the motion of his robe. Kira would yawn softly as he move towards the cliffs that were located just outside the village's walls, no more that a few hundred meters away. He would allow a small sigh to pass over his lips as he would see someone standing in one of his favorite spots. Kira would continue to walk forward as he noticed the shape of the person to be a woman from his village, her attire was slightly on the sexy side, as it was surly an attention grabber.

Kira would say nothing as he got closer to the woman, he would even allow his glance to look pass her as he sat on the edge of the cliff and pulled out a small pack of cigarettes from the inner lining in his jacket. He would slightly look out towards the water as he pulled out a smaller box of matches, slightly sparking one before placing the flame to the tip of the cigarette. He would take a deep pull before releasing a small cloud of smoke from his mouth as he allowed a sharp but soft tone to pass over his lips. "What a beautiful day to sun bath don't you think?" Kira's haze-green eyes would slightly shine brightly in the light of the sun as he would slowly take another pull of the cigarette. "So what brings you outside of the gates today?"

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Burning Akatsuki (Private) Empty Re: Burning Akatsuki (Private)

Post by 16 on Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:40 am

As her head was stationed upward meaning facing the clouds of above which seems to in a lazy motion watch over her and everyone on the planet. She caught a signal of heat coming in her direction, which was the type and size of a man, but a ninja due to how it is carried which this heat sensory gave her an ability of catching a threat from a large distance and pin point quickly, it didn’t matter much to her because she had the element of surprised to many but she doesn’t know about this one which means its only one way to find out. As he made about 120 meters in range she then let out a small amount of air which is named sighing lightly as her emotion outward was lost looking but her inner emotion was ambitious and ready to move around. She didn’t pay the large burst of wind hitting her body as her eyes closed for a moment as she could feel him moving in closer or who ever it was seemed determined in coming in this direction where she was at.

She wondered lightly is someone coming for her or just to come to the spot she stood at currently, It didn’t really matter because she wasn’t planning on moving meaning they was going to have to earn this ass beating. He moved in and in minutes she could feel his eyes glazing upon her as she stared into the air or at least her head was facing the air as he kept walking as her head went down just a bit until it dropped down to look forward, her fist wasn’t created so it didn’t seem like a threat or anything so she let him get in arms reach meaning move past her as she slightly turned her body to see the man sitting down smoking a cancer stick. She spoke after standing there listening to the man speak and she blinked not really knowing what to say, she thought of something though and she spoke part of her mind.

“I don’t know, and I don’t really care….just minding my own business….”


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Burning Akatsuki (Private) Empty Re: Burning Akatsuki (Private)

Post by Sponsored content

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