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Nami's Forest (Open)

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Nami's Forest (Open)

Post by Cut♠ on Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:09 pm

It was a hot day in august, the shine was shining brightly. The weather was lovely, Cut admired the clouds floating slowly in the sky. They had take on many different forms, and shapes. Rose, Dragons, and tigers with out a care in the world. The clouds was not alone as they had friends soaring right next to them. Black hawks soared the sky, swiftly and quickly. One of the bird's had dropped a feather , that floated slowly and gently down towards the ground. The feather soon land softly on the ground in front of the man and his pet wolf.

Mean while the young charming Cut was walking through the grassy area. The tree's limbs used it 's shield to protect him from the sun's heated rays. The shade felt refreshing, there was pleasant smile hiding his mask. The young rouge enjoyed going through different areas. One of his greatest things was that he got to see many sights around the world. He had travel all over the Shinobi world.

The top of Cut's hair was spiky and with a golden color.He had bright blue-eyes and spiky long blond hair that reaches down to his back. Cut jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face that extends past his shoulders.He was wearing a standard Ninja-nin uniform (expect blue he wore red and black.) with two bands each on both of his sleeves, a flak jacket (Black) and a forehead protector; he wears a short-sleeved long red coat over his normal attire, decorated by flames-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Golden Brothers" written vertically down the back, and closed on the front by a thin black rope. He also dark trousers and dark calf-length sandals. He wears his pouch on his waist and two kuni holsters on below both of his knees. He was wearing a mask over his face as well. The mask was like that of a samurai's mask, it took the shape of some soft of demon. The opening in the eyes exposed his blue eyes ,while the rest of his face was hidden be hide the mask. The mask had an angry frown on it's face and had two horns. The mask was painted with fine paint, it's colors consist of black with red out lines. On the top of the mask in the center was kanji "The Golden Sun" .

Cut soon stood underneath a tree. He leaned his back ansgt it and folded his arms be hide his head. A smile ran across his face as he looked up at the sky. Seagulls was seen floating with in the sea blue sky. The smell of the ocean surround the area. It's salty smell stained Cut's nose. The scent was strong, this was Nami his home village. But it came that time where he had to part from his home village. Cut had a faith of his own, and his days in Nami was numbered. He had goals and dreams of his own. He had to create a world of peace. He felt as if he was the one that would bring peace to the world. Legend says he was a decedent of Naruto Uzumaki and Nagato and he was greater then the both of them.
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