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Tenryu Clan

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Tenryu Clan

Post by Shiryu Tenryū on Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:44 pm


Name: Tenryu
Affiliation: Hidden in the Mist
Symbol: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Kekke Genkai: The Tenryu bloodline traits are like no other. This clan power revolves
around Dragons of the Element, which makes them highly powerful and
Dangerous. Once having there Element, they will be able to push
Elemental techniques and abilities to a new level. There bodies have
high endurance, they can take quite a few before going down.

Genin: At this level is when the bloodline kicks in. The clan member will start gaining dragon like powers. They gain more arm and leg strength and also grow scales. The scales acts as a human body armor and protect the clan member from tacking great damage. At this level the scales are weak as well as his body strength, arm strength and leg strength. Due to their respective dragon the user has more chakra then a regular genin. Their senses also increase. Allowing the member to see, hear and smell things from 5 meters away. They are capable of jumping higher then usual reaching the height of 5 feet. Once they have become worthy enough their chosen dragon will enter the members dream give him access to these stages. the user will also grow claws. This is the lowest class.

Special characteristics:

Speed- 5% faster than average genin
Strength- 5% stronger then average genin
Chakra- 10% more chakra then average genin
Dragon Scales: Reduce 5% damage of target attacks
Element affinity chakra: C-rank fire,water,lightning,earth jutsu use D-rank chakra (depends on the dragons element)

Drawbacks: Slightly tired, becomes hungry

Chunin: At this level the clan member is getting better at using the bloodline abilities. The user will pass out as the dragon will once again confront the member. The Tenryu clan member must go through the trails he created for him/her to wake. And once you wake you are given higher rank in your stage. If you don’t pass the trails, you have to keep trying until you pass it, if not you’ll never wake up. The member has a lot more chakra then the first stage. The dragon claws are more powerful allowing the user to slice rocks and boulders. The user can now add in their elemental infinity to give the claws more destructive power. The user is able to jump up to 10 feet, as their leg strength, arms strength and body strength increase. The user is also able to pick up heavier objects. The dragon scales are a lot stronger and durable. senses are increased allowing the user to see, smell and hear from 10 feet away. Speed and strength of the user is also increased. Elemental techniques of the users affinities become a lot easier to use start to take less chakra.

Special Characteristics:

Speed- 10% faster than average chunin
Strength- 10% stronger then average chunin
Chakra- 15% more chakra then average chunin
Dragon Scales: Reduce 10% damage of target attacks
Element affinity chakra: B-rank Justu use C-rank chakra (depends on the dragons element)

Drawbacks: Becomes exhausted , tired, hungry, body pain hurts to move

Jonin: The awakening for this level of the stage is quiet different. Once the Dragon think you might be worthy they will then infiltrate your mind and body and
begin to take over and caught destruction using your body. That is when
in a arena between your mind and soul you must fight the dragon full
power for your body and final stage. If you die this round then the
dragon takes your body and that’s it. If you won, then that’s when you
become a terror to your own kind. You are able to jump 15 feet. Your arm, leg and body strength has increased. Your speed and strength have increased. You are capable of lifting heavy objects 3 times your size. You gain Claws, horn and scales on your body. You are capable of slicing and breaking through boulders and thin metal. Your senses have also gotten better being able to hear, see and smell anything 20 meters away. Your chakra storage has increased and you are now immune to C level elemental attacks that are your dragons element. You are able to use a elemental jutsu of your dragon affinity and the chakra usage is one rank below it should be.

Special Characteristics:

Speed- 20% faster than average Jonin
Strength- 20% stronger then average Jonin
Chakra- 20% more chakra then average Jonin
Dragon Scales: Reduce 20% damage of target attacks
Element affinity chakra: C rank Justu cost D rank chakra, B rank jutsu cost C rank chakra, A rank jutsu costs B rank chakra and S rank justu cost A rank chakra. (Only the dragons affinity)

Drawbacks: Becomes very exhausted , very tired, very hungry, body pain hurts to move, headaches

S-rank: This is the final stage of the Tenryu clan bloodline. Once you’ve become highly skilled and powerful to a high degree. You will be teleported to another dragon area, that is where you fight another you, but your opponent has been taken over by the Dragon. With that you must beat him. You die the Dragon go free, if you win
newly unlocked power Is stowed upon you. In this stage you become a perfect humanoid dragon. Gaining all dragon like features such as horns, full body skin, fangs, claws and wings. You are now able to fly and have full control over your dragons element. You become stronger and faster. Your body can take a lot more damage then before. You are also immune to B rank element based attacks that that are your dragons element. You are capable of lifting objects 5 times your size. You can slice and break objects such as boulders, wall and thick metal. Your senses are even greater, being bale to see, smell and hear things from 30 meters away. Your chakra reserves have increased. You are able to manipulate the element your dragon has. You are able to use a elemental jutsu of your dragon affinity and the chakra usage is one rank below it should be.

Special Characteristics:

Speed- 30% faster than average S rank
Strength- 30% stronger then average S rank
Chakra- 30% more chakra then average S rank
Dragon Scales: Reduce 30% damage of target attacks
Element affinity chakra: C rank Justu cost D rank chakra, B rank jutsu cost C rank chakra, A rank jutsu costs B rank chakra and S rank justu cost A rank chakra. (Only the dragons affinity)

Drawbacks: Becomes extremely exhausted , extremely tired, extremely hungry, body pain barely able to move, major headaches.



Name: Dragon Feather
Type: Defensive
Description: This style is used to turn the force of the attacks of the opponent against him. The user would defend using his elbows upcoming attacks or his knees if below the waist and instead of the user staying hard and strong he would completely be relaxed and using that he would like a feather be pushed slowly down but as soon as the strike of the enemy loses it's previous force and is delivered to the user he would strengthen himself using the kinetic energy by the opponents attack and send it back to the enemy pushing him away.

Name: Dragon Intimidation
Type: Mental
Description: Using the user's will the user would intimidate the opponent with fearful roars and rages. This style can only be used by those that have one hell of a willpower. The intimidating would have the enemy shake or annoy and leave him madly attack without thinking and this could be easily used for a counter by the user to land a strong hit on the open enemy.

Name: Enraging Dragon
Type: Aggressive
Description: Giving into the pools of his own rage the user would begin an attack with so much speed and power that the opponent would have nothing else to do than defend. The attacks are so random that even perceptive people would have a hard time finding out a pattern since it doesn't have one.

Name: Patient Dragon
Type: Counter
Description: In this style the user must succeed a patient state of himself and totally overwhelm the enemy by evading his attacks and leaving the enemy losing his stamina constantly while the user would await for an opening and launch a sudden strike at the enemy.


Name: Dragon leap
Rank: C-rank
Description: The user will utilize his/her leg strength in awakening form and will be able to jump from great distances. Genin-5m, Chunin-10m, Jonin-20m-S rank-30m

Name: Wing Impact
Rank: C-rank
Description: The user would cover all his openings in a defensive way using his wings. This could also work as an offensive type for when the target is close the user can push back the target with his wings.

Name: Tail Whip
Rank: C-rank
Description: He will first charge towards his target to do a feint attack and right when the target tries to avoid or defend he will uses his great leg strength to jump over the target and whip him in the back of the head with his tail. He can also wrap his tail around the targets head to strangle the target.

Name: Hell Slash
Rank: B
Type: Taijutsu
Element: depends on the dragons element
Range: Close-mid Range
Description: The user will be in awakening form having his claws out he will pour his chakra into his claws before slashing out at his targets. Depending on the element of the dragon a wave of slashes of that element will be sent towards the target.

Fire Dragon:

Name: Fire Dragon Fist (Signature, Unique)
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Covering their fist with flames the user would strike down the enemy with his fist and due to the speed boosted by the flames which are started on the user's feet they will land a devastating blow on the enemy. The raw power of this jutsu is so big that it's said that a fist could create craters in the ground. The fire can also be shot out from range but it is risky as the opponent might dodge but it is also surprising as everyone would expect a melee attack. The heat of the flames depend on rank, if the user has a high rank the heat of the flames are capable of evaporating water to some extent.

Name: Flaming Scales (Unique)
Rank: B-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This is a jutsu derived from the usual scales defense jutsu but this one is unique to the fire dragon user as he imbues the scales with fiery flames which would hurt the opponent slightly more than just striking the scales.

Lightning Dragon:

Name: Lightning Thrust (signature, unique)
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user would form a pure lightning bolt in his hand and would charge the enemy and due to the nature of the lightning dragon's speed it is risky for the opponent and not easily evadable. The user would pierce right through the enemy with the lightning bolt and if by any chance the opponent dodges the lightning bolt would be extended to some degree which depends on the rank of the user. When extended a thunder would be heard so loud that it might startle the opponent and leave him open for the lightning edge.

Name: Shock Armor (Unique)
Rank: B-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Again derived from the scale defense ability but the scales would be covered with very high voltage electricity and one touch of it could totally shock and numb the opponent enough for the user to strike the opponent.

Earth Dragon:

Name: Rock Javelin (Unique)
Rank: C-A
Type: Taijutsu
Description: This jutsu is derived from the dragon stomp but the user would use his ability of earth to shoot him out like a canon in the air and would turn towards the enemy with his face and hands forward while going down with inhuman speed they would cover their body with the Hardened Body technique and fall down like a comet on the enemy totally annihiliating him but if by any chance the enemy dodges a field of earth spikes would surround the place piercing everything in it's way. The length of the spikes depends on rank.

Name: Adamantite Scales
Rank: A-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Perfecting their element and their scale features the earth dragon user's scale defense ability can be transformed into Adamantite scales of course at the cost of chakra though. The Adamantite Scales are totally indestructible except to very high power jutsus A-rank+ Lightning jutsus.

Wind Dragon:

Name: Flying Knee
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Derived from the Dragon Knee jutsu this jutsu is quite unexpected to the opponent. Boosting his speed with wind the user would charge the enemy and there are two alternatives for the user to shoot out huge slicing wave of wind at the opponent who would expect a melee or bring it down to melee and hit the enemy with so much power also including the power of wind and would launch the enemy so far away.

Name: Untouchable Defense
Rank: B-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Using their scale defense ability the user would imbue the scales with slicing wind and melee attacks made by the enemy would turn out to be costly. The user can also bash out a powerful wind wave to keep the enemy away and leave him open for an attack.

Water Dragon:

Name: Shark Arms
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This jutsu is very very versatile. The user would launch himself forward while turning his arm into a water shark that truly bites hard. The shark can be launched like a rocket but it can also be used like a puppet launching it forward like a homing rocket which is controlled by the user by a water string at the cost of a bit more chakra.

Name: Repelling Scales
Rank: B-rank
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This jutsu is derived from the scaled defense ability of the clan. The user will form his scales but instead of defending the user would pump the scales with water from the inside and when the opponent is close enough and has no where to dodge the water would explode and launch the sharp and hard scales like shurikens at the opponent. This could be very deadly to careless opponents.

Quantity: Several (only 5 chosen ones)
History: This Clan originated In Kirigakure. This Ancient and very powerful clan was a Clan that no one tried to fight. The member of the clan were
descendants of the original five members. The original five members were
the creators of the clan. They say they roamed the skies on five
legendary Dragons. Each dragon has its own element, with that they had a
mastery with that element and can control it to the fullest. Long ago
all of the dragons were created by a Kinjutsu master to wag war, but
everything backfired and all of the dragons went against each other in
result destroying many things using every villages as a battle ground.
All ninjas that tried to stop there war was completely taken over or
killed. The Dragons power were unbeatable. On a final show down with all
the dragons, a Fuuinjutsu organization sealed all of them into one pot.
Once it was complete they found a child in the hidden haze village they
sealed all 5 of them inside of the child. Then the child begin to get
Dragon features, to the point where they tried to place the child in a
prison. The child broke free and found himself at Otogakure after
traveling running from the hidden haze ANBU squads. Later having kids
with a ninja of the village, 5 boys. Each of them had a dragon, each of
them had a different element. Like a little of the power that the child
once had into his boys. And so the clan begin.

None of the dragons are a like and no one else can have these Dragons unless they
were passed down. The Clan members with a dragon were the leaders of the
clan equal in almost every way. The dragons are just summoning but the
five leader have the ability to take on all dragon features(wings,
claws, flight, strength, speed etc)Only a clan member will the full
Kekkei Genkai can poses all those features.

The story behind the clan is that each clan member once they are born they become
underlings of their chosen dragon. The elders test the kids by putting
them in the secret pool of dragons. The image of the Dragon would show
on the child back. That is how they find out which dragon they are
bonded too. There is a Underling for each of the main basic five
elements. The chosen underling will the one to replace said leader when
he or she dies.
Shiryu Tenryū
Shiryu Tenryū

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Re: Tenryu Clan

Post by Shiryu Tenryū on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:39 pm

Water Dragon:Open

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Fire Dragon:Open

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Lightning Dragon:Shiryu Tenryu

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Earth Dragon:Open

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Shiryu Tenryū
Shiryu Tenryū

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Re: Tenryu Clan

Post by Shiryu Tenryū on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:42 pm

Shiryu Tenryū
Shiryu Tenryū

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Re: Tenryu Clan

Post by Cut♠ on Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:25 pm

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Re: Tenryu Clan

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