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Tsunami Waves of Joy

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Tsunami Waves of Joy

Post by Fey on Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:57 pm

The illumination of the golden star gave it's blessing to one man. This man had traveled alone in solitude to ride the eclipsing waves. There was no such thing as riding waves in Suna just a desert ocean.

Azuya continued to let inundated force migrate his anatomy. He released a continuous stream of chakra from the bottom of his feet safety allowung him to coordinate his expedition at his leisure. Injecting his left arm into faceless sea beast, Azuya smiled as the zephyr kissed his face and pressed against his chest. Shifting his hips, Azuya turned towards the water wall slamming his feet into the clear liquid mass. The air born Shinobi smiled with Joviality as s the ocean trial to swallow the Suna nin with unseasonable authority . The White Lion returned to solid lands with grace and a smile.

" Today will be a righteous one "

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Re: Tsunami Waves of Joy

Post by Fey on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:51 pm

The presence of an orange star had vanished behind the horizon while being overthrown by a much smaller silver orb. The residence was silent, and the Nami Dynasty where no homosaipen was in his optics. The trip wasn't a waste of leisure he earned a new journal entry. Today was over as was his hiatus in Nami. Azuya looked towards the sky and formed a rhythm of handsigns. His procedure produced a large tree that was a one way trip to heaven. The shinobi jumped through the rift to begin his expedition home.


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