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Post by Demonfist on Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:10 am

Training for mastery of MS 3,559

It had taken senjin sometime to finally get out by himself, Being a ruler was more work then hehad first believe it to be, but at the same time he didn't really care about that, his rise to power was something god like. He had been walkign for sometime now, as he thought to himself about everything that has happen thus far in his life, and the things that will be happening in the near future. He currently rule over the land with in iron fist, he wasn't a megre kage. Oh no he was far beyond that, he had surrpass the level of kage and made his own level, soemthign that was grerater then that of a mere kage. His power and rue had grow quickly and vastly that he now has kages under his thumb. But he knew that this was only the begining of his rule. He wanted more and needed more. Hewanted everyone and everything under his guiding thumb, in this realm and the next.
Senjin adjusted his mask on his face, Something he wore all the time, no one has truly seen his face, and the one's who have, are no longer of this world. He chuckle at that thought, as he had finally reach his training grounds, A place where he and he only trained to better himself and his skills. Today would be more unique then the other days or times he has come here to train. He came here today to beter understand and master his newly achieve dojutus. His red eyes scanned the area briefly. He was pretty obivous that under his maskhe had his sharingon activated. He actually can't remember a time where he didn't have them activated. Although they drain his charka slightly while having them active, he never really has to worry about that because no one had ever pushed him to the point where this would ever become a problem.
Senjin walked to the center of his training whihc was nothign more then a part of a forest that was cut down and clear out for his own private use. In he dead center of the clearing was a small lake. This was the lake he use to inhance his water jutus. But this wasn't what he was here for today. As he forced charka down to his feet and walked on the water until he was in the center of the lake. He then sat on the waters' surface with his legs crossed. Heclosed his eyes and went into a deep mediatation, in which he would be able to learn more and had a mental spar with himself in hopes of learning the power and the limits of his newly found dojutus.
* side note this is in his mind using any Dojutus skills in this place will not have an effect on his own eyes in the physical world*
Senjin open his eyes and there he stood in the middle of no where, it was compeltely white everywhere, the place he was in seem like it would go on forever, with no real direction. He quickly blink and the area began to change. Suddenly all he started seeing were sharingonappearing every where. He looked around. He was more cinfused then ever, every sharingon that appear had the 3 tomoes, and then they slowly started to spin. He tried to not look but they were every where, Before he knew it the whole room started to spin just like the tomoes. Senjin felt his legs began to turn to jelly, they started shaking violently as if they could no longer support senjin upper body. He quickly fell to his knees placing both hands n the floor. His breathing grew heavy as if he just finish running a race. His heart felt like it was going to rip right out of his chest. He colliapes on the floor, laying there for what seem like hours as the sharingon that were all around him seem to transform to something different. He could tell that it was still a sharingon, but the new form it took was like nothing he had every seen before. the three tomoes seem to grow in size a bit before a small hole appear to form right in the middle of each one as all three seem to start connecting to each other, and the pupil itself seem to transform into a diamond shape.
Senjin still layingon the floor was amazed at the new sharingon that had formed." is.... is it mine??". He thought to himself laying there. Just as the wrolds pasted his lips all of the sharingon dissappeared, and in the distance stood a figure. But the figure as so far away that all it looked like from where senjin was laying was a shadow. He slowly got back up to his feet. " is it a friend or foe??" he wonder as he started walking towards it, of course he keep his guard upjust in case anything happened. As he got closer and closer the figure became more and more familar. As he got up closer he finally realize who it was he believe it to be." ME??... bUT IM ME??" The figure made no moves it just stood there looking at senjin.
Senjin believe this to really be him but the only different was that this figure was rocking the newly formed sharingon he had just seen a few mintues ago. Senjin didn't understand it at all. As he began to try and speak to the masked man he was elbowed in the gut. Senjin was caught by surprise. He just realize that this man moved as fast as he do, something he didn't believe was even possible. Senjin doubled over in slight pain, only to be kneed in his face sending him soaring back about 2 or 3 meters. Senjin knew if he didn't land on his feet he would regret it. As he was still soaring in mid-air, he adjusted his body doing a semi- somersault landing on his feet, and as he believed it, the masked man who seemed more and more like him went on the attack, quickly running threw some hands signs as if they were nothing. But senjin knew though hand signs all to well. As the masked man took a deep breath and released a huge fire ball aiming straight at senjin. Dodging this atack at this range wasn't impossilbe for him, but he knew if he tryed to dodge he wouldn't be able to not be partly hit by this attack, so he decided to counter attack, doing some quick hand seals, he also took in a deep breath, but exhaled a power jet stream of water, that made contact wih the fire and cancelled out both attacks.
But the fire ball was just a distraction, as senjin quickly realize as the masked man appeared within a meter of him body crackling with lightning as he slammed his open palm into the ground shooting lightning straight at him, the lightning came as what looked like tentcales, as they split and doubled in amounts heading for him. Senjin could only grin, this was an attack that he would normally due himself, which made him believe even more that he was fighting against himself. As the lightnign got even closer there battle ground changed into what seem like the same forest where he does his private training at. He had no time to think about that as quickly jumped into a near by tree dodging the lightning infront of him while qquickly doing some handeseals. He heard more crackling as he turned around and realize that the lightnign had some how gotten behind him. His eye widened as the attack hits it mark. As the tree itself lit on fire due to the power of the lightning attack. The masked figure didn't say any words as he walked up to the now craded tree." hmmm" was the onlywords that pasted the figure lips. As senjin appeared right behind him with a round house kick to the side of his neck, sending his head jerking to the left, with his body quickly following it, sending him atleast 10 meters, from where he was just standing.
Although the figure was caught by surprise he got up like he knew it was coming " a meer subsituation huh not bad... not bad at all" said the figure who's voice sounded like an exact copy of senjin own. Senjin now looked more confused then ever. " Who are you" senjin asked his curiousity finally getting the better of him. The figure slowly began to start laughing before he answered the question" silly boy you don't recongzie me... Me of all people" The figure began to laugh even harder. " i guess you truly are dumb.... but to answer your question like it isn't simple enough. I'm you.." Senjin listened to the man words before rsponding once again" How can you be me, when i'm me?". The figure now shook his head in disappointment." Senjin this is your inner self, if you have just unlocked a new and deadly ablitity, why wouldn'tit be two of you. The one that doesn't have it, which is you and the one who knows and has already mastered it which is me".
Senjin let out a small sigh still not getting it. " so your telling me that i have already mastered it??". The figure stood there for a few second in silence before finally responding. " Yes and no.... You see getting this ablitiy is very rare, even for people that are natrually born into this clan. But for the one that are truly suppose to have it and not get it by random mistake which does tend to happen ever so often. Though who are suppose to have has the ablitity imprinted into there mind and body already, the onlything they have to do is unlock that memory, which you are currently doing right now senjin". Senjin now standing there believiing he finally understand whats going on. " so your telling me that right now i'm learning how to master the ablity". Senjin said now streching a little. The man looked at him puzzle before letting out a sigh and shrugging his shoulders. " talking is boring, so we won't talk about this anymore". The man said before dissappearing again.
Senjin had to admit that hos other self was pretty quick on his feet. as he appeared throwing a punch aiming for senjin face. But senjin saw it coming moving his head to the side a bit and using his hand to catch the fist in his hand, and wih his free hand threw a punch aiming for the man face as well, but he too sawit coming and move his head to the side and using his free hand to catch senjin hand. They both slowly grinned under there mask as senjin jump up a little placing both his feet onto the man's chest and using it likea platform and kicked off the man chest doing a back flip, The man no seeing i coming was sent back a few meters, only to quickly recover and rush back towards senjin as he finally landed on the floor only to he a knee coming to his mid- section. Using onlyhands he jump up a little blocking he attack and flipping over the man doing hand seals as he landed on the ground. Taking in a deep breath and releasing a huge fir ball the looked like a dragons head. The man was only a meter away and the move was done so quickly he doesn't have any time to contuer it with a jutus because he wouldn't finish the heand seals needed to stop a move his powerful. Senjin smirked evilly knowing that this battle between his inner self was coming to an end.
But senjin smirk was shorted lived as he watched as his attack was stopped in its tracks. "impossible he....." before he could even finish his statement, a black flame appeared engolfing his jutus whole and coming straight for him. he did some quick heand seals while taking a deep breath and exhaled a jet stream of water once again. But this time he did it while jumping back and moving to the side as he quickly realize that the water wasn't doing anything to the black flames. Senjin watched as the black flames engolf his water jutus attack and then all the trees that were unlucky enough to come acorss the attack. He looked over to he man with his eyes wide open. " What the hell is this?? is this the undying black flames i've read so much about??" he thought to himself as he noticed that blood was dripping from out of his mask. Senjin knew that he didn't do anything to the man, so it must have something to do with this attack. Senjin stood there for about 5 mintues looking at the flames, he quickly realize that this was indeed the attack he had read so much about. The man closed his right eye as senjin could tell that the attack had cause some kind of pain to his right eye, as he quickly try to cover that eye socket of the mask with his hand. Senjin started to walked towards the man. " Is that the lengendary black flames of the uchiha clans most powerful fire attack??" Senjin asked the man as he got even closer to him.
The man said no words he just shook his head letting senjin know that he was answering yes to his question. senjin turned back to look at the black flames. as they started to set more and more trees on fire, seeming like it was never going to stop. " So is it treu that though flames will never burn out". The man looked over to senjin " Yes this is the uchiha secret technique, this is not a normal fire base attack, this attack is beyond that this is a level of fire that is only known to the uchiha clan, it is called blaze of cousre this is the only attack that is called blaze because its the only fire attack that can withstand any level of fire attacks or any level of water attack. and its called Amaterasu." Senjin was in awe right now, he didn't know what to say or how to react to this, but he knew that if this guy had this attack up his sleeve, no matter what attack he would us this attack would stop it in its tracks. But senjin knew that his was to powerful of an attack for it to not have a draw back. " what is the draw back of this attack though". He asked the man, the man chuckled a bit as he reached for his mask. he slowly wiggled it off his face and turned to look at senjin. As soon as he did that senjin notuce it quickly his eye. His eye was bleeding, but not only that only his left eye still had the new sharingon design, his right eye had reverted back to the three tomoes. which was interesting to say the least to senjin.
" The draw back is this" he said pointing to his eye. " Everytime you use this move it makes you a little more blind in that eye, the more you use it the less you will be able to see out that eye, until you can't see out that eye at all and of course you go blind, not beign able to use the attack ever again, so this attack is more like a doubled edge sword, it will help you when you need it, but it will also hurt you". The man said now placing his masked back on his face.For some reason senjin knew that this battle still wasn;t over. As the man looked at the blak flames again and they slowly started to disappear, unil they were all done. Senjin looked on a bit confused. " The only way to stop the flames from turning everythign around it into ash is to use the power again and with draw the atack so to speak". The man said while once again placing hand right over the right eye socket of his mask for a brif moment. As he now turned back to look at senjin. " now..... where were we..... oh yeah". The man disappared again. Senjin could only small under his face, He was learning alot about the move, and he knew that this batle was slowly started to come to an end, and he was more ready to end this more then anything else. The figure appeared performing hand seal as he vainshed again. Senjin didn't know what jutus he was plannign on using so he had to be ready for anything. The man appeared with his body crackling with lightning as he thrusted his hand forwarded as a wolf made of nothing but lightning appeared running straight at senjin. The wolf seem like it was aiming to bit down on senjin neck as he did a back flip landing in a near by tree. He watched as the wolf ran toward sthe tree he was perched on, but more over noticed the lightning line that connect the wolf to the man. Senjin knew if he could cut that line he could expel this jutus. With that being said senjin pulled out two kunai's with explsive tags on them and threw them right infront of the wolf. The man pulled his arm back making the wolf jump bac as the tages exploded, doing a little damage to the surrounding area, as a cloud of smoke covered the area for a few seconds.
As the smoke clear the man looked over the where senjin was perched on the tree and notice he wasn't there anymore. He quickly looked around as a kunai appeared with a tag on it by his feet. He quickly realize it wasin explosive tag and jumped into the air to try and dodge it. As senjin appeared behind him exhaling a huge fire ball at the man. The man knew there was no way for him to dodge this while still keeping the lgithning wolf jutus in affect. He release the jutus as the wolf quickly vainshed. Senjin smile now doign another string of hand selas, as the man vainshed again. Senjin looked around confused , the man appeared kicking senjin on the top of the head, sending him back to ground smacking the ground so hard that the ground buckled and caved it on his impact. Senjin layed there motionless, he couldn't really move his body due to the fact that it was numb due to the force of impact he just had made. He is now looking at the man who seem to be hovering over him in the air, as the man did some hand seals very quickly. " this will be your resting place senjin your tombstone, i guess you were never really meant to have this gift or power". The man said now finshing his set of hand seals as water appeared out of no where, andit wasn't just a little bit of water, this was an ocean size amount of water. Senjin didn't know what he was going to do, due to the fact that he was still numb he couldn't dodge the attack nor counter it, but senjin refused to believe that this would be his restingplace the end of his days. Hell no he had to take over both worlds he couldn't die here he wouldn't die here.
The man threw his arm down as the large body of water that was hovering in the air fell down towards senjin, moving with rapid speed. Senjin closed his eyes again wondering what will happen to him if he dies in this realm. But suddenly a wave of power flowed over senjin, something he could explain, he quickly open his eyes, as his sharingon transformed from the normal three tomoes into something totally different. He closed his right eye as blood begain to form in it as he opned i again, and black flames appeared infront of him devouring the body of water that was rushing towards him. The man looked at this with amazement as the black flames engolf him as well. Starting from his feet and moving up to his head, his masked fell off his face as a huge small was seen formign across his face, with is final breth he said " You did it senjin" As the flames engold the rest of his body.
Senjin opened his eyes from his mediatation as the three tomoes that were there when he closed them had vainshed and what was there now was a dojutus tht hadden been seen in years, he could feel the surge of new power flowing threw his body, he couldn't explain it but he knew he had change, from the moment he came here until now he had never felt like this before, new, alive and more over reborn. senjin rose to his feet and adjusted his mask once again. " I can feel it" He said as he started to laugh evilly as he began to make the trip back to his kingdom.


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Post by Cut♠ on Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:21 am

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