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Shi'gawa clan Empty Shi'gawa clan

Post by +Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie) on Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:17 pm

Clan Name: Shi'gawa clan

Kekkei Genkai: Feral Shi’gawa Unleashed

Though to many being ‘feral’ in nature is often considered a step back in humanity, to the Shi’gawa they find it a step closer to becoming one with their blades, seeing how many predators hunt with their sharp claws and teeth the Shi’gawa see their blades in the same way and tend to take on a more wild appearance both physically in and out of combat, it also seems to have an effect on their mind making them more prone to more reckless and compulsive behaviour.

So far not many Shi’gawa have been known to attain this state, any when they do they are often revered within the clan as being some of the most strongest swordsmen as their speed and accuracy with a blade is at the pinnacle of their ability, so much so that the drain on their chakra from the blades becomes second nature to the Shi’gawa.

It is said though that when a Shi’gawa manages to attain this feral state, that they no longer need to pick a style in which to use their Katanas but are now able to freely use either one blade or two so long as they are comfortable with it.

This feral change also brings about a different skill in the art of medical treatment, by heightening both their chakra control when it comes to medical jutsu through the constant use of their blades, and by being able to focus more chakra into a medical technique to heighten its effects.

When this feral state is attained, the Shi’gawas body takes on a physical change as well, effectively they take on the form in which they did in Crimson Fury though these changes become permanent, their hair growing to five times its length with their nails growing and sharpening as well, their eyes also permanently take on the dark purple colour with the red pupil.

Clan Abilties


~Feral Movement~

The Shi’gawa movements with a blade were already that of legends, but with unlocking this form of feral movement, not only their skills with a blade are heightened to an animalistic level, but their movements in general are increased in speed as well. Able to respond to threats alot quicker, they can attack with heightened speed and dodge incoming strikes in mere seconds where most of be struck.

~One With The Body~

Though the Shi’gawa already consider their blades part of their body, this skill takes that phrase to a whole new level. When the Shi’gawa moves and attacks, their blades act as if they were simply an extension of the body themselves, moving in such a way that a normal swordsman would just not be able to reach without harming themelves.

~Feral Medical Enhancment~

Rp – The Shi’gawa already seemed to have an excellent knowledge of medical techniques and teachings from the wounds their blades make, but with this new ability came room for improvement. By increasing their ability to properly control chakra within their own body by the use of their blades, the Shi’gawa can now effectively push more chakra into a medical jutsu to increase its effects, this also improve their overall medical skill by being able to heal wounds at a much quicker rate.
~Feral Fury~

Even the strongest technique of the Shi’gawa, the Crimson Fury, takes on a new form when this form is achieved, this now becomes the Feral Fury. When in this mode the users speed is heightened to almost unhuman limits and their skill with a blade improves with such as they now can strike with deadly force and accuracy.
When in this mode the user becomes more like an animal rather than a human, making them prone to hasty decisions and a more aggressive personality, their eyes also turn a full red and their incisor teeth become extremely sharp.

Free action to activate or deactivate.

Clan Symbol: N/A
Clan Jutsu:

Jutsu Name – Shi’gawa Dexterous Beauty
Jutsu Type – Passive
Rank – None
Description – The Shi’gawas intense training has formed their body into a well toned and proportioned look, Allowing them to hold this beauty with normal training routines. They also seem to appear younger then they usually are.


~D Rank~

Shi'gawa Thrust
Rank: D
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user sends a quick thrust towards the enemy, going to stab them with the tip of the blade

Shi'gawa Dodge
Rank: D
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: Due to greater training the Shi'gawa is able to dodge attacks with greater finesse'

~C Rank~

Shi'gawa Backstab
Rank: C
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user appears behind the enemy in a blurring motion, sending his blade(s) into the back of his enemy, If caught off guard the enemy would be subject to a greater amount of damage.

~B Rank~

Shi'gawa Cross Slash
Rank: B
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user holds the two blades out infront of them, before slicing a single enemy in a cross shape, After the attack the user would spin the blades around and prepare for the enemy's assault.

Shi'gawa Defense
Rank: B
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user focus's a great amount of chakra into their hand's, forearms and blades before going to defend against an attack that fly's towards them, the chakra adding to their defense greatly

Shi'gawa Arc Slash
Rank: B
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user holds the blades out to the side before they push forwards, slashing them across the area.. any enemy infront of the user would most likely be cut open by the fierce attack.

~A Rank~

Shi'gawa Spin Slash
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The User ducks down and unleashes a quick spin attack slashing those around him.

Shi'gawa Cripple
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The User's eyes would narrow looking over their opponent for any weakness in their defense, next the shi'gawa would go to slice down at the opponents weakness, be it a joint, or a muscle. The enemy would feel themselves grow weaker after the slash.

~S Rank~

Shi'gawa Multi Slice
Rank: S
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The User spins their blades around, before dashing forwards appearing infront of the enemy in the blink of an eye, they then proceed to slash the enemy multipule times with the sharp shi'gawa blades.

Shi'gawa Great Spin Slash
Rank: S
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The User's body erupts with chakra, before they crouch down low holding their blade(s) out to the side, before they spin a single time.. unleashing a wave of chakra out in all directions. The wave would slam into all those foolish enough to come near the Shi'gawa.

Clan History: The Shi'gawa clan were a noterious group of samurai-like ninja that specialized in the use of Katanas and practiced in its use of Kenjutsu religiously. Originally coming from Amegakure the Shi'gawa clan has met its end recently due to internal strife going on within Rain Village, some of the clansmen also turning on each other due to the restless faction disputes. The few remaining survivors have made their settlement in Kumogakure who have offered to assist in rebuilding their clan if they too served and rebuilt the Cloud Village. Shi'gawa is led by their leader Kaira, who is known to have a cold exterior but also quite wise and highly dangerous if crossed. Today, the Shi'gawa are making their mark in this war and decimating any who challange Kumogakure.

This is not for me it is for anyone on the iste to use good for people who want to be swordsme/woman

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+Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie)
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Shi'gawa clan Empty Re: Shi'gawa clan

Post by Bliss on Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:27 pm


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