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Space Time Ninjutsu Rules

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Space Time Ninjutsu Rules

Post by Cut♠ on Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:32 pm

Space–Time Ninjutsu

Space–Time Ninjutsu (時空間忍術, Jikūkan Ninjutsu; Literally meaning "Time–Space Ninja Techniques") are techniques that allow the users to manipulate the space–time continuum. By manipulating a specific point of space, the user can warp anything targeted into a dimensional void and teleport it to another location instantaneously. Minato Namikaze, Tobi, and Tobirama Senju are all noted as skilled users of space–time ninjutsu.
All summoning-based techniques are space–time manipulation related, as they warp the targets through a dimensional void to the summoner's location.

This is just a test for the site. Only three members will be allowed Space Time Ninjutsu however they may not be allowed to have a bijuu,curse mark, or the 8 gates. Space Time Ninjutsu is a unquie ability of it's own. You must have ninjutsu to be able to use Space Time Ninjutsu. You will then have to complete a word training of 2,500 words on how you mastered the Space Time Ninjutsu. You must also have 2 mods approval and one from the web master to even be able to get it. If you are under A-Rank you are not allowed to use Space time Ninjutsu.

Now about some of the first Space time ninjutsu used.

The Flying Thunder God Technique was a technique created by Minato Namikaze, allowing the user to transport himself to another location in the blink of an eye. This technique was the reason behind his nickname, "Konoha's Yellow Flash" (木ノ葉の黄色い閃光, Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō).[1]

The seal appearing on the opponent after being marked by Minato.
To activate this technique, the user needs a special seal or "technique formula" (術式, jutsu-shiki) to mark the destination. After this is done, the user enters a dimensional void that instantaneously transports himself to the location of the seal. The technique can create smoke, similar to a Summoning Technique, but that is not always the case. Minato applied the formula in advance to weapons such as kunai. By giving one such kunai to a person, he can immediately teleport to that person at any time. He can also apply the mark to a touched area, such as his opponent or some other surrounding feature.[2][3]
The technique is fast enough to even allow Minato to escape Tobi's Space–Time Migration, despite the latter already being in physical contact with him. Minato can also use this technique to teleport other objects, such as when he used it to teleport the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox out of Konohagakure, though the size of the object determines the amount of chakra required.[4]

The customised seal marked kunai Minato uses for his Flying Thunder God Technique.
It is because of this technique that Konohagakure came out victorious in a battle against Iwagakure during the Third Shinobi World War, despite already running short on manpower in the frontlines. After having his subordinates toss marked kunai randomly into the enemy ranks, Minato used the technique to appear within their ranks, using the great speed of this technique to seemingly appear to be in several places at once and wipe out entire squadrons one by one in moments before they could even react. This, combined with Minato's immense natural speed and reflexes makes this technique extremely deadly and according to A made Minato the fastest ninja to ever live.[5]

The formation adopted by the Hokage's bodyguards to perform the technique.
Minato also passed the technique on to his special guards, Genma Shiranui, Raidō Namiashi and another shinobi, however all three are needed to perform the technique. To do so, they form a circle with one another by performing the seal of confrontation with each other with their thumbs, middle and index fingers touching. This allows them to transport anything within the confines of the ring. As they are now the guards of the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade has been marked with the technique formula.[6]

The rules on FTG is that you are only allowed to use five seals per a topic. This will limit the amount of time a FTG Kuni can be used.

Space–Time Migration

Tobi's Space–Time Migration[1] technique, which is originated in his right eye, allows him to teleport himself or anything he touches to another location or a pocket dimension; the latter of which is implied to be inescapable.

Teleportation Edit
When observed, it was noted that Tobi's chakra would become untraceable when he phases into objects, and also when he teleports to avoid any damage from the opponent. According to Tobi, he can locate anyone and teleport to them, as he found the group Taka as they were travelling to Konohagakure, as well as Minato Namikaze, who himself had teleported away from Tobi.[2][3]
Kakashi Hatake likens this technique's characteristics to Minato's Flying Thunder God Technique as it is also a time and space manipulation technique, but notes that Tobi's version seems to be much more versatile. During his fight with Tobi, Minato himself noted on how the technique was better than his own. The ability can be used without predefined locations or hand seals.

Tobi's pocket dimension.
Similar to Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan technique Kamui, Tobi is also capable of teleporting other people to a separate dimension, which resembles his "self-teleportation", in that the same swirling patterning, centred upon his right eye is present. However, instead of teleporting the targeted component, this technique's effect acts as an attractive force, both visibly drawing the target inwards and distorting their form until they disappear. Unlike Kamui, this technique requires Tobi to make physical contact with his opponents, leaving him vulnerable as he cannot be intangible when doing so.[4] When displayed, the separate dimension appears to be largely composed of a random arrangement of various rectangular prisms.[5]
Intangibility Edit

Tobi in an intangible state.
It was originally assumed that technique can also be used to transport only parts of Tobi's body elsewhere, leaving him visible to opponents but intangible to attack and physical harm. This opinion however, was shown to be incorrect, as Tobi instead becomes intangible to allow attacks to pass through him.
The primary weakness of this technique as revealed by Konan, is that Tobi can only remain intangible for approximately five minutes at a time and must be tangible in order to transport himself.[6] The amount of time needed to transport something is also increased by the size of the mass he intends to transport. She also noted that he takes longer to transport himself than he does for other objects. He also seemingly has the ability to make whatever he's touching at the time, intangible as well.

This jutsu can only be used three times per a topic.


Kakashi's original dōjutsu, released from the Mangekyō Sharingan, that allows one to transfer anything to another dimension. If one spends a lot of time and trains one's chakra over and over again, this technique can be invoked. The target is enveloped with a barrier space and the user concentrates their mind to what they gaze at. The target can struggle helplessly, but against this technique no defence is possible. When the technique is invoked, the space at the centre of the barrier is distorted and the target inside the barrier is drawn in completely. The location and size of the barrier can be specified at will. It is a dreadful technique that, with skilled use and enough chakra, can even pull an entire human being into another dimension.
The Mangekyō Sharingan is a dōjutsu that, with continuous usage, burdens the user with the loss of their eyesight. Since this is the source of Kamui, using it in rapid succession puts Kakashi's body at risk as well. As his Sharingan was transplanted, usage of this technique poses an even greater risk to Kakashi.

Kakashi is able to use this technique up to at least three times in a given day, even when starting at full strength. At first Kakashi's aim and control over the size of the barrier was imperfect. Over time his aim and control improved, as he was able to accurately warp away small and fast moving objects, such as a nail.[2] Kakashi is even able to consecutively warp away two fast-moving arrows.[3]

This jutsu can only be used twice in a topic and only three times in a rp day.

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