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I still want it.

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I still want it.

Post by Fey on Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:34 pm

How does the jutsu genre work? If someone uses genjutsu but doesnt have it as a speciality how does it work? Same with Kenjutsu. Can someone be deadly with a blade even without a kenjutsu as a speciality?

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Re: I still want it.

Post by Kai Terumi on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:05 pm

Essentially in my book specialities play apart

You can get any jutsu you want

for example my specialities are Ninjutsu Taijutsu and Nintaijutsu

Tho i can learn genjutsu fuinjutsu etc. Tho learning anything higher than b rank is impossible. Why B-rank you ask?

Simple Kage my rank is S - So i deduct two ranks from that to use B rank. So A rank can use c rank jutsu

Now specialities make it easier.

For example

If my character


did battle with a char


And that person was of the same rank (S)

If that person used a ninjutsu against me take water dragon jutsu an A rank i think and i also used the same jutsu. Being a ninjutsu specialist my dragon would pulverise there jutsu and keep its track to hit the opponent. This works with tai etc if a ken user battles a non ken user the ken users kenjutsu would be naturally stronger

Hope this helps
Kai Terumi
Kai Terumi

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Re: I still want it.

Post by Bliss on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:05 pm

When it comes to Specialties you don't have this is how I see it:

Through Rp you can learn more and grow in the art of Genjutsu to the point were yes you can become deadly, but that would require quite a bit of teaching from someone who has the art of Genjutsu as a Main Skill.

If you were to try using Genjutsu during a battle, yes it would work, but only to maybe the maximum rank of C, and I maybe pushing it a bit. That is simply because it's not something foreign to you, it's not something you have never seen before, it's just not a skill that you specialize in.

My prime argument for this would be Sasuke's use of Kenjutsu: During the Pre-Shippuden Arc. we had never seen him using any type of sword or blade or even tanto. Yes, slightly skilled in weaponry such as kunai, shuriken, metal wiring and even Fūma Shuriken(Demon Wind Shuriken), but not once an actual sword/blade. Now all of this changes when he is taught by Orochimaru who in the Pre-Shippuden Arc. can be seen using a sword against proficiently the Third Hokage.

Now in Shippuden Sasuke has grown very much in the art of Kenjutsu with his katana dubbed "Kusanagi".

((I hope this was helpful, I know I may have gotten slightly carried away, but it was to better support my statement))

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Re: I still want it.

Post by Sponsored content

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