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Post by Sakumo Hatake on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:28 am

~::The Tou Clan::~
The Children Born from Ash

~::The Wrath of Mount. Psyceion'Tou::~
The people of the Tou Clan are indigenous to the once vacant and desolate lands of the Flame; prior to the formation of Kasaigakure::Village Hidden in the Flame. Inhabiting the land prior to the formation of Kasaigakure; the Tou's where referred to as "The Children Born from Ash" due to their somewhat deviant beliefs and worshiping of their land, primarily of The Volcano itself. The Clan, friendly and a peace loving pacifist, enjoyed their prosperity for generations, avoiding conflict with much of the outside world, they isolated themselves within the confines of The Pysceion'Tou Volcano. Many Years passed and they people lived in harmony with nature and thrived on the Psyceion'Tou's rich soil and warmth, sheltering them and giving them homes. This peace, like any other could only last for so long...

Upon the Colonizing and modernizations of their homeland the various clans living within the Land of Flames found themselves face-to-face with confrontation between both the other clans and the new settlers. It wasn't long before the first blood was spilled. The situation only escalated as time went on, more battles broke out only to be followed by more bloodshed. The Tou Clan suffered great losses. This once peace loving clan was suddenly thrown into the heart of what seemed to be a never ending struggle; A never ending War. As the War ragged on the clans numbers dwindled slowly as they lost their land piece by piece until the fight had reached the clans home; Mount Psyceion'Tou. Being forced from their home once and for all the Clan head; Kyouri Tou did the unthinkable. Ordering his people to escape and retreat as he alone stood against the daunting forces which stood at the ready upon his doorstep. Holding off the onslaught for as long as his old brittle bones allowed him; he sacrificed himself to protect and save his people. As the blood of Kyouri Tou trickled down the slope of Psyceion'Tou the ground began to rumble ,the earth began to shake, and under the very feet of the attacking forces, fissures spread across the volcano as the elements furry seeped up drowning everything within it's path in a searing coat of lava. The Sky darkened as the ash rose up, shrouding the land in darkness, peppering it with a thick coat of ash. As Mount Psyceion'Tou erupted it wiped any trace of life within it's path. What few Clansmen did escape found refuge among various island spread between the Lands of Flames and the Lands of Water. As time passed the Tou Clan faded like so many others in the history books, only to turn into a mere myth, and local Folklore to amuse ones imagination. The Actual details of this event have long been wiped away over the course of time. The only one who truly remembers that fateful day's events being Mount Psyceion'Tou and all the poor souls which fell victim to her wrath.

~::The Scattered Fragments::~

Much time has Past, The only records of the Tou are the remains buried under the veil of Mount.Psyceion'Tou. Hope is not lost though.
The clans homeland calls to them, it seeks their care, their love, their Devotion.
Of those who escaped that fateful day, none ever returned to Kasaigakure. Instead they slowly branched out across the eastern nations. A few settling on the small Whirlpool island while others spread out into the Land of Fire and the Land of Clouds, each under a different name and each under different circumstances. While many seeked vengeance and retribution; following the last orders of Kyouri Tou; they refrained. Instead they begun to slowly blend in with everyday life, be it working the mines deep within the mountains or even joining the Academy in hopes of becoming a Shinobi. While many of these people forgot their origins and forgave those whom did wrong so long ago for the crimes committed against their people. There still are those who will not forget so easily.

A small sect of the Tou clan whom found refuge on the the Island of Kirigakure::Village Hidden in the Mist; Soon began to realize a change within themselves. As time went on the manifestation of their Kekkei Genkai and it's development began to grow by leaps and bonds. Sadly the timing of their development was at it's worse. Right as Kirigakure began to take a turn for the worst, the "Bloodline Massacre" took place. All throughout the Lands of Water clans suffered horrible loses as the people revolted against them out of fear of these growing clans and their power. Many Tou clansmen who had begun to show signs of their Kekkei Genkai were lost. The few who did manage to escape and survive these terrible times left the Lands of Water in search refuge once again.

~::A Broken Home::~

Generations coming and going, the small sect of Tou clansmen had finally begun to establish themselves within the Land of Water. Some acting as shinobi for Kirigakure::Village Hidden in the Mist; while others simply took to the finer things in life. Enjoying their once more peaceful lives within their new found home. But as they say history repeats itself. No one would know this more then the members of the Tou clan. Unknown to them, or to the people which inhabited the Land of Water, a dark secret rested with the Mizukage. Hidden within the hidden realm of Umigakure; a new capital under development. A beast of unfathomable power resided. Just like a camp fire story where the scary monster escapes and wrecks havoc on the land; the beast did just that. Breaking from it's confines the beast unleashed hell upon the lands. Rising from the depths of Umigakure, the beast first mark of destruction was Kirigakure. Destroying the village and much of it's surroundings. Caught between the crossfire, many Tou clansmen were caught trapped within Kirigakure where their fates were sealed. As the beast continued to rampage a few clan members did what they did best; flee. Running from the destruction they made there way south. As they made their way south they found themselves once again refugee's. But where would they end up now? Where would they go? Back to the Land of Flames and Kasaigakure? Or perhaps elsewhere?

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]~::Kazanbatsu Kekkei Genkai::~[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
The Punishment of Fire and Brimstone
The Kekkei Genkai Of the Tou Clan did not occur or manifest in a time of need more so in a time that forced the Tou to advance and gave them the power they needed to do so. The exact origins of the Kekkei Genkai are still somewhat a mystery.Many members of the clan never showed signs of it till much later on. It is unknown if Kyouri in fact possessed the Kazanbatsu, but many speculate he did.

Kazanbatsu::The Actual Kekkei Genkai is a mutation within the cells of the Tou Clansmen. After the incident at their home of Mount Psyceion'Tou the Volcanic Ash kicked up from the eruption caused the mutation to evolve drastically into what it is today. The Mutation is the Micro-Organism that live within the Volcano's extreme conditions to embed and use the Tou clansmen body as a new home granting them power they formally didn't have by altering their very DNA. It also provides increase durability and stamina.

    Kyuukazan:: The most basic stage of the Kekkei Genkai.This stage teaches the basic fundamentals of the Kazanbatsu. This stage appears at a very young age. Those with the Kekkei Genkai will first show signs at the age of about 5-6 years old. Their skin will get a bright orange glow as for several days as the Kekkei Genkai comes into fruition. Not only will their skin glow, but their body will radiate heat like a furnace. This only last until for the first couple of days before their Molten Mask forms. This stage enables them utilize the Youton-Lava Element; able to produce it and secrete it like they would sweat from their glands without harming themselves in the process.

    kakkazan:: This is the vastly superior stage of the Kekkei Genkai that can be unlocked at Genin, but usually trained at Chuunin+ due to it's side effects. Granting them far superior control over their element. It also causes the Kazanbatsu within their body to increase their chakra flow. The increase in chakra flow increases their overall power substantially, but at the risk of their health. The longer they Use this stage the more strain the Kazanbatsu puts on the body, causing the user to suffer from muscle deterioration. While the Kakkazan is active the user's body will begin to heat up. Making the simple task of just toughing them extremely dangerous. The higher their temperature rises, the higher the more at risk the user is to complications. [Further Details in Jutsu] This trait is the next step in evolution of the Molten Mask which every clansmen who is blessed with the Kekkei Genkai possess. Upon activation, the Sokkazan appears as a pattern of markings on the body. These markings do not resemble a birthmark and would seem to appear much more like a seal of some sorts; though it is not. Much like the Molten Mask, the Sokkazan acts as a layer of protection which absorbs and balances the temperature of it's bearer. The markings which are usually black will begin to change color as the bearer's temperature rises. Eventually becoming a bright orange like searing metal. Just like searing metal, the markings become extremely hot as they absorb and balance their bearers temperature.

    Sokkazan:: Not so much a stage as it is a trait. The Sokkazan has appeared throughout nearly all of the members possessing the clan's Kekkei Genkai. It is a mutation within their DNA that has increased the density if their skin, something akin to Igneous rock. Yet, this feature only applies when depression is placed upon the skin, if one were run their hand across the skin it would feel completely. This form of mutation has been tested to see where their limits are and they are as followed: A Tou member could easily block any type of shrapnel or projectile with their skin, but if a complete followed through thrust backed by the force of chakra behind a sharp object is applied then a normal laceration would occur.

Molten Mask:: Bacteria living within the magma/lava of the Volcano were expelled and ingested into many of the clans members who managed to escape, As the saying goes "Whats doesn't kill your Makes you Stronger" the micro-bacteria leeched onto the chakra network of the body mutating around it.This is a genetic trait that is has been passed down over the newest generations. This makes tracking Tou clansmen extremely difficult.
I.E- The Hyuuga are able to see the inner chakra circuit of the body with the Byakuugan.This micro-organism has formed a mask of magma that flows threw out the body. The Byakuugan would not be able to distinguish their chakra network.They can still affect it, but in no way would they be able to read or target specific Tenketsu points thus making their movements unpredictable and very difficult to deal with in close range battles.
Tou Clan Information:

Scattered Tou's- E There are very few remaining in the known world. As for how many are in hiding, their numbers aren't factored into this.The Actually Kekkei Genkai has only seemed to develop in those who left Kasaigakure after the eruption.Though few have disguised themselves well in various nations, doing various jobs.Some have Even joined the Ranks of Shinobi.
Profession The Few Tou's that stay Hidden within Kasaigakure have taken a liking to being laborers, working the fields and mines. Some Have Ventured into joining the Academy and Performing arts taking up music and other various arts.
Nature The Tou have been taught to value mother nature and treat her equally with respect. To give back when your time in done, and to Fear her when you have betrayed her. Accept Her judgments,Blessings as well as Gifts and to live in prosperity with her.
The Clan are considered Chaotic Good, they can sometimes being very outrageous and take actions some might be as "harsh" depending on their reasoning and in defense of their beliefs.
Founder-Elder Kyouri Tou The Tou Clan Founder's name has long been forgotten even amongst the oldest of the elders.Most hold Elder Kyouri Tou as the Founder simply due to the fact that he took control and lead the Tou Clan threw it's worst time while staying true to the Clans Ideals of peace and equal love for nature.

Note: Please PM Prior to creating a character.
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