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Post by Bliss on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:07 am

[::| T H E • M O U H I T O R I |::]
[.l The Chosen l.]

[::| "S C R I P T U R E" |::]
[.| Rewarded Faith |.]

In that years that passed after the death of the original shinobi, the Rikudou Sennin, the ninja world was in flux. While individual ninja clans made names for themselves in the never-ending war that played around them, one clan attempted to best the other not by killing their enemies, but by brining faith to the battlefield. The Mouhitori, a small church in the area around the Waterfall country, finally stepped up to the national stage nearly 200 years ago. The clan began by attempting to sway other ninja clans to convert to their religion, a fervent version of shintoism that stated all people of the world must come together to truly appease the Kami of this world. But, this clan had no real battle talent outside of those selected as defenders of their temples, brandishing a sword known as a kusanagi and other bladed weapons to hold off intruders. Their fervor was hard to suppress however, and as they converted ninja clans around them, the clan began using them to protect their temples as well, forming an impressive shield against all those that meant to stop their crusade.

However, as their ways began to catch on in the surrounding area, the Hyuuga, a glorious clan that would one day rest in Konohagakure no Sato, began to oppress them through force, fearing that with training their fervor could turn the tides of the area. The clan’s sense of superiority and willingness to do anything to make their religious beliefs happen was the main explanation given as to why the Hyuuga had seen them as something to be put down. First a small party was sent to ask the Mouhitori to halt all expansion into Hyuuga controlled territory. But, when the clan refused, out of the grace of god the Hyuuga struck down one of their temples as a warning. In retribution the clan sent out their subordinates they had converted to eliminate the Hyuuga. All attacks were unsuccessful. Now, because of their impotence the Hyuuga returned the favor with more destruction. And so it came to pass; only one temple remained, and the whole of the Mouhitori were quarantined to that one facility, to live in ghettoes. The clan only had simple training in defense, to protect their temples, and were easily oppressed; their numbers began to wither from death and decay in their tightly-crowded home. But, like any good believer, they prayed to their Kami. It took a few years more, when the clan was reduced to less than a hundred members, a once proud religion ruined. In their time of most need however, when all was lost to them… their prays were granted and they were given the divine abilities they posses. The ability to manifest their Kami’s chakra into forms becoming of their might, the clan was given the power to overthrow their oppressors. A single troop of ten clan members walked out into the countryside and met the Hyuuga head on.

It was a massacre…

The band of Hyuuga were eliminate handily, and the convent moved forward, crusading through the territory that had once been there’s. But then, just as the Hyuuga pulled away from their land, the Mouhitori left. This in when they adopted the name they have now, their name previous to that time is unknown. The clan shifted focus immediately, now having the ability to defend themselves they felt the need to do more. Their views changed as they adopted a “Holier than Thou” attitude, believing they are the ones to lead the Ninja World to real peace, through spiritualism. The Mouhitori believed that their Kami had called upon the fallen members of the clan and given them this power to manifest their souls. This “Divine Cloak” they now wielded was the materialization of their faith, and it was the proof that their way was the only one to be followed. With complete conviction that they were the chosen people to bring peace to the world, the clan took off into the distance, knowing their faith had saved them.

They settled in a land that would become Kusa, signing to fight for a new fangled invention, a ninja village. Using it the clan became a true ninja clan, mastering the chakra that their bodies manipulated so well now. They would fight for this village for a few years, helping it to stabilize the area around them as they expanded, taking in more members. Then they suddenly disappeared, cutting all ties with the village. Refusing to fight they hid away in their Hidden Temple, which was expanding all the time. Using only one temple now, a thousand shrines were erected in support of the clan…and never did they come to aid the village again.

Returning to the record books in strange intervals from the darkness, the clan stayed off the map while they attempted to save the world through various means. However, no nation would accept them, some from fear and others from distain. So, in Kusa they waited thinking that they were in full control of the inevitable. They resided in Kusa since then, hidden away from the rest of the world. When a mad-man from Kusa attempted to take the world by storm, they acted as his trump card, knowing that this expansion would make them vastly more influential. They, while working with a man named Shinku, had hoped to take over the surrounding nations in one fell swoop, but that plan was put to rest by a single Konoha shinobi. When Kusa’s newest master was defeated, they pulled all ties with the government, including the dumbfounded daimyo. They once again disappeared from the radar for a few years, before finally opening up to the world once again.

Now…because Kusa had no more value...they could decide to try and "save" the world themselves by sending members to wander the world in small convents of about ten fully grown ninja/clan members; their goal being to convert, if not, they could attempt to join ninja villages, and eventually take over or whisper in the Kage’s ear in order to steer policy and convert by those means. These convents were almost self-sustaining, though the system relied on the Kusa Head Temple nonetheless. Basically, when the clan opened its doors once again it has no more than 200 ninja within its walls. Their power however was hard to fathom and they moved with hesitation, their famous fervor taking over once again.

The clan is headed by a wise council out of the Kusa temple consisting of clan elders. The Kusa Headquarters known as Douichidou or the “Grand Ray of Hope’s Temple”.; and this sacred place acts as a training ground for the members of the clan, but much more than that specifically. Douichidou acts as the head of the sprawling religion, collecting to money earned from the clan members in addition to teaching the members how to praise the Kami. Most importantly the sacred city houses the lesser temples in which the bloodline of the clan is truly taught though both faith and fighting. All the children of the clan are raised here and only after becoming adults are they sent off in their convents to preach and fight.

Those of age are sent out in small convents of up to 10 members to preach/advise/sell mystical items, and act as ninja for hire for small stints. The convents have to return to Douichidou in order to raise issues, dispute things, return tithing’s and donations and resupply. Doing this allows for the elders to instill their values in the young members, and instill a sense of loyalty and reliance on the adults; by controlling the clan through these means the elders are able to guide their people, making sure that they are as effective as possible in their crusade to save the ninja world.

Truly, the Mouhitori are a strange bunch. Their religion states that they are to covert the world to save it, or at least that has what has become of their religion. They have the means and the fervor to do so as well and they are intent on doing it. They will stop at nothing to complete their mission, but who knows when they will hide away once again. But, for now they move and they are coming…

[::| D I V I N E . W R A T H |::]
[.| Transcending Faith |.]

[Tenrai Shouheki Shinkouteki Uwaoui no Chakra - "Divine Barrier of Spiritual Covering Chakra" ]
The Saving grace of the Mouhitori clan, their unique and special Kekkei Genkai, the “Tenrai Shouheki Shinkouteki Uwaoui no Chakra” (Divine Barrier of Spiritual Covering Chakra), or also known as “Tenrai Uwaoui” (Divine Cloak), this was the power that allowed them to break free from their oppressors and which will allow them to spread the word of their gods and faith. It is known that the Mouhitori have a unique and altered chakra network. They seem to possess 3 separate Chakra networks overlapped over each other. Only one of these networks however is complete, where as the other 2 are only partially mimic the first. These secondary chakra networks are mostly focused in the clansman’s chest area and upper body. Though for the most part inactive normally, there is always a small portion of chakra flowing through these secondary networks allowing for a superior chakra supply for a Mouhitori than average.

Though the clan does not know whether these redundant networks were always present within them, or whether they were introduced into the clan when they first discovered their Divine cloaks, what purpose they now serve is very clear.

By opening the path to a single one of these networks, bringing it to full activity, the Mouhitori is able to call upon their Divine cloak, creating a form of chakra that engulfs their entire body taking the form of either an animal to which that clansman hold a particular affinity to, or the ninja themselves therefore acting like a much larger clone. The cloak itself appearing as a translucent mass of energy, almost gelatinous like, with the Mouhitori visible within, though at higher levels, the cloak takes one a more solid appearance.

In this animal form the Chakra cloak which surrounds them becomes an extension of them, connected directly to their senses and form, in essence becoming their extended body while the clan member himself lays in a stasis like state within. In these forms the Mouhitori gain the properties of the animal form they take, for example, a Mouhitori with a Hawk’s form Chakra cloak would have the ability to fly, sharp deadly talons, and enhanced senses of a Hawk. A bear form Chakra cloak would possess great strength and power, a powerful jaw and claws, etc. Their form is also quite malleable, allowing them to extend a limb a great distance towards a target for example, though the form will always remain generally the same.

What animal form a clansman will have is often intertwined with their natural chakra affinity, for example, a clansman with a wind affinity will often take the form of a winged creature, one with Lightning will usually take the form of a swift creature (Heirs, Chitah, Dogs, etc), Earth affinity will focus on power (Bear, elephant, etc) Water will take on aquatic forms (Fish, Turtles, Frogs) and Fire will take more aggressive forms (Wolves, large cats, etc) These of course are not set, each clan member is different, but usually their animal form does have some kind of connection to their elemental affinity, even if only minor. This form grants great power of course, but can be limited, often forcing one to close range combat, denying one the ability to form hand seals or complicated Ninjutsu, they can however use their element similarly to how a summoned creature of the appropriate species might (if they have been given proper training).

The second cloak involves activating both secondary chakra networks simultaneously, a process requiring both great practice and skill. It can be done at Genin but it is never really completed until the Jounin level, unlike the Animal Form which has a faster rate of mastery. Similar in appearance chakra wise, this cloak takes on a Human form, with Arms, Head and Chest, and can be altered to have legs or only take the form of the upper body depending on the level of the user. Using far greater Chakra, this form has the advantage of having arms and hand, allowing the cloak to form hand seals and thus use any and all Ninjutsu possessed by the clansman. Genjutsu can also be used through this technique with a much larger range due to the chakra being used. Furthermore, this form can be activated in full on in part only if so wished, though partial creations will only last a short while, with the clansman remaining completely conscious and awake while doing so. The full form however will see the clansman falling into a stasis like state as they do in their animal form, their senses and awareness expanding out to the “cloak body” itself. The Human form can usually only be maintained for short periods of time, how short that is depends on the skill and rank of the clansman, proving extremely exhausting and tiring.

Whether Human or Animal form, these “Chakra Cloaks” are solid, protecting the clansman within from the harms that befall them, they are also quite resilient to damage, which in this case translates to chakra loss or expenditure rather than actual physical harm. To harm the person within the cloak one must first undo the cloak itself, which normally would wear down the clansman’s chakra leaving them wasted and vulnerable once defeated. There are drawbacks however, as members of the Mouhitori may only use one element throughout their lives. They do however; because of their chakra based abilities have an addition sense of chakra, making them excellent Sensory-Nin. Because their body has one complete chakra network and two “piggy-back” networks, the clan has the potential to create a great deal of chakra from their spiritual network.

The differences between ninja-ranks are determined by the skill with their bloodline. For an Animal Form, the cloak will grow in size from Genin to Chuunin, while at Jounin it will either take on a new and impressive shape or take a solid-appearance, as though covered by a skin of blue chakra, much like a Jinchuuriki reaching a higher level of tails. The innate ability of the animal the user masks is inherently transferred onto them through the cloak. Those whose cloaks appear as birds can fly by flapping their wings, while those that take the form of wolves can run at high speeds and even smell enemies. The chakra that covers the user in this form is slightly malleable in smaller forms such as frogs and foxes. Attacks can be extended up to ten meters and became rather tricky to defend against. While this form lacks the sheer power of the Human Form it is much more diverse and even harder to defend against. This allows the user to scout, suppress, trap, provoke, and even pursue the enemy with the utmost of effectiveness. And, at higher levels this form is deadly to even the higher tier of ninja. The use of the different forms of each cloak can also make for a variety of attacks. For those that use the smallest version they can surprise their foe when they fully activate the effects and transform into their solid-form.

The Human Form however has more limitations to make up for its sheer power. At Genin level only the incomplete version is available, which will appear as an ethereal bone-like structure that appearances around the body, big enough to block attacks, later Genin usage will include arm bones as well allowing for direct damage. At Chuunin the clan member will be able to create a small version of the cloak that covers their whole body in a bone-like structure surrounded by a never-ending blaze of chakra. This form is given legs, acting a great deal like the animal form. The capabilities of this form are far above the Genin version both offensively and defensively but only specially trained Chuunin can begin to form chakra “muscle tissue” above the layer of bones. It is not until Jounin that the full version is available, which will take the form of a twenty foot copy of the user, albeit it may possess spiritual versions of weapons or other markings depending on the user. In this form the cloak is at full power and is devastating to fight. Ninjutsu and Genjutsu can be cast from this state, and though the user most stay rather still and cannot leap around inside of the cloak the sheer power this form has tops everything else the clan produce.

[• Breakdown:]
    Animal Form
    • Translucent chakra at lower levels, solidifies at higher ones
    • Malleable chakra, reaching up to 10 meters for certain cloaks.
    • Stasis effect during transformation
    • Innate animal abilities (four legged speed, flying)
    • Longer activity span than human form

    Human Form
    • Shorter usage but more power
    • Genin: Incomplete form, Chuunin: Small form, Jounin: Large form.
    • Handsigns transference (Use of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu)
    • Small version for added defense and offense (Taijutsu)
    • Partial uses for offense and defense

    Base Abilities
    • Increased Chakra
    • Natural Sensory Types

[::| S O L E M N . J U D G M E N T |::]
[.l The Alter l.]

[•- Population -•]
[Class C]
The Mouhitori are a strange bunch, both in scope and grandeur. The populace of the clan consist of about 200 bloodline members, with the majority of them out of the village at all times in their convents. The village of Douichidou may have a few thousand in it total, but that does not mean that they are all members of this prestigious but very cautious clan. Those that do hail from one of the original families that received the Divine Blessing all seem to have blue eyes, an ethereal color as though their eyes are made of chakra itself. Other than that feature no truly visual markings are present. Some do exist however in the presence of three small, blue dots aligned in a triangle pattern right above the solar plexus below the neck in between the collar bones. It is common for members of the clan to tattoo their body in the same color for effect and originality. But, even if the appearances of the clan members may change the attitude is the same. Their famous ‘holier than thou’ attitude is conveyed tot eh outside world almost constantly. Their views on spiritualism are premiere, they overtake any other objective. Completely subjected to the will of their elders in respect and fear of the Kami, the Mouhitori are an abrasive bunch. They are distant and quiet when they must, and their vocal and compelling when they deem it fit. They disrespect institutions outside of the spiritual realm, and could care less about ninja villages and daimyos. The Mouhitori are a distant but powerful clan, hoping to convert those that dislike them, but kill those who oppose them. For their dress, as you would presume the clan wears robes almost all the time. Coming from Kusa, they are known to wear many scarves and shawls to cover their body and allow them travel in all types of geography. The other main influence in their garments besides Kusa-scarves and monks robes, is a very functional set of sleek corduroy-like clothes meant for combat as well as travel. So, even though the clan members are covered usually from head to toe as travellers, many of them carry swords used in combat. These swords are the kusanagi that the country has become famous for and are symbols of respect amongst the people of the country. The clans colours are royal blue and pale gold, though they can also be seen carrying red on their body in honour of both the torii and the village that they hail from, Douichidou.
[•- Professions [//] Values -•]
Now their bloodline has very little pertinence to their jobs, but the connectivity is there for certain. Because the Mouhitori believe themselves blessed by their gods, the clan has become a very spiritual one. Now, this spiritualism has come to take hold of every aspect in their lives, and is the basis for their clan. They were willing to serve Kusa as strictly shinobi until the untimely defeat of the Kusa-Scheme. This strange plan was crafted by the clan itself as well as a man named Shinku. However, since the defeat of this upstart the clan has taken it upon itself to cleanse the world of impurity and has finally set out on its own. They act as wanderers, and using their many talents they have crafted an impressive array of professions. Their convents act as traveling priests, preaching the word of religion and the needless nature of their states and wars. While at the same time they sell their services out to ninja villages and countries to perform shinobi tasks while attempting to convert the ninja around them. Atop of all of this, they act as advisors to low level daimyos in order to steer nations towards their peace. In all honesty, the clans little about how they achieve their goal of total-spirituality, but they will be sure to continue their struggle until they are successes, it is destined after all. Off the cusp, the clan is also known for selling enchanted items and other religious artifacts in order to support their greater goals.

[::| Additional Info. |::]
[.l The King's Temple l.]

[•- Clan Founder-•]
The founder of the Mouhitori is unknown, but he is referred to in scripture as the Beacon. That is all that is known. The leader at the time of the “Divine Gift” however was a man known as Saishi.

[•- Quarters -•]
[Douichidou - Grand Ray of Hope's Temple]
Douichidou is the sacred city and grand temple of the Mouhitori Clan and the subsequent religion. It rests at the edge of the great bamboo forest of Kusa, in a natural depression before the rocky hills take over on the road to the Earth Country. The complex itself can house all 200 members of the clan, as well as all refugees and converts. Hidden in this remote part of this small country, the village tries to stay off the map, and the means by which they do is rather intriguing. The forest around them is littered with shrines, and anytime one is ritualized the clan is informed via sealing technique. Once someone enters their realm they are immediately dealt with. So, as you clear the massive bamboo shoots that hide the city, you will look out and see the glowing walls of the compound.

Shaped in the fashion of a Shinto shrine, the wall is about 100 feet tall, leading up to a platform that wraps around the entire complex. Made of wood and stone, the red and white building that rests atop the wall and actually completes it looks like a “haiden” with large balconies that look out away from the village, lanterns and tomes hung all around. Entering the “Haiden Wall” you may walk further into the complex, finding a wooden walkway/bridge the reaches into the city itself. The “Haiden Wall” serves as a staging point and a simple attraction; too large to be merely a defensive structure but not important enough to have its own ceremony. This “building” wraps around the whole outer wall of the facility, but it what is inside, along the bridges that exit the wall that make the place so special. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The many walkways that reach inside from the wall lead to a mass of towering shrines, that pile on top of one another and reach higher and higher into the air, the tallest being a few hundred feet tall. These “Temple Skyscrapers” have even more bridges coming off them, so that one may go from one level to another and from one building to another. Made again out of the customary red, the “skyscrapers” are the main attraction of the village, and almost reach over the tree line that protects them. But, these massive structures end abruptly as a large courtyard begins in the centre of the village. However, this does not stop the myriad of tomes and lanterns from showing themselves off to all corners of the area. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Under these skyscrapers is a simple stone and dirt road, the “floor” or “Ema” if you will, serves as another walkway, a more natural at that. Down there at ground level one finds masses of tents and smaller shrines (Massha, Sessha) everywhere. Here, some of the refugees that happen to be spared by the village and even some converts will leave out their lives. Small ponds and Zen gardens take up whatever other cracks in the packed city there are. But as the “skyscrapers” stop so does everything else. This courtyard in the middle is untouched, save for the few Tori that guard a single, large building. The “Honden” as it is called is the home of the Elder Council, it is a most sacred of places. There building is a sprawling one, though still very blockish in design. It is large enough to hold a whole apartment complex, but is reserved for them and their ceremonies. Not much else is known about it. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

On different sides of the city are two “skyscrapers” which act as activity hubs. These two temples serve as the training areas for the clans bloodline and fighting style. One is surrounded by “Toro” or decorated stone lanterns. The other is guarded by dozens of “Komainu”, or guardian dogs. These two temples are a bit shorter that the others, but all the roads seem to lead there, on many different levels of travel. They also extend underground in ways unknown to the outside world. This also leads us to believe that the village has running water and other courtesies of life as well as its sensual appeal.

Certainly Douichidou is a wondrous place...but the deepest secrets are those not know to the world, and they are the ones that should be most sought after.

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