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Post by Kino Minki on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:38 pm

Kino had awoken around the time of six thirty nine in the morning thinking about his life for a moment. He noticed how he had almost no jutsu and only one element while other Chuunin normally had two elements. He had decided he would train a second element today no matter what. He got out of his bed and got dressed. He put on his blue and orange jacket and his blue jeans on with his blue shoes and his hidden leaf, also known as Konohagakure, headband on and covered it with his orange goggles. He had his spiky hair up by the time he was in the kitchen.

He began to grab thins from the cabinet for some breakfast. He grabbed a pot and went over to his sink and filled it with water. He then put the pot on the oven and began to boil it setting a pouch of flavor mix next to the oven on the counter. He put in some bread on a pan into the oven for them to cook turning up the heat. He began to cut up some potato and add in the mix to the boiling bubbling water and stir for about a minute. He took out some biscuits from the oven which were on a pan and added the gravy which was the water and the mix and then put the cut up potato to the side. He began to eat his food shoving it down faster then normal getting ready to train in a new element.

He dashed out of his home eager to gain more power so he could one day become the best shinobi alive and unbeatable. He would take note of the weather, if there was a fight this would probable take to his advantage. The clouds in the sky almost completely filled the sky the sun was seen shining past the clouds letting down rays of light upon Konohagakure. While running through the village towards the public park he noticed children playing in the streets, their parents talking to one another walking a bit behind the children. Other chuunin were jumping from rooftop to rooftop running left and right doing chores and errands going on mission excetera excetera. He continued his way for the public park where he always had trained.

Upon arrival to the public park Kino took a look around and noticed children playing running around. He would focus on his training now he had no care for anyone else here. He took a small leaf and would begin flowing chakra into it trying to crumble it up which was apart of his lightning element training. He would continue to do this forcing chakra into the leaf trying to make it crumble for the lightning element. But all he ended up with was a burnt leaf. He would grab another leaf and try once more trying to charge lightning chakra into it. He still ended up with a burnt leaf so he tried once more grabbing a leaf this time focusing more hard gripping it tightly. Yet again a burnt leaf appeared once he had opened his hands up to see the leaf and his progress with training a new element. Hr grabbed a leaf again and focused chakra in the leaf he would be doing this non stop until he would successfully crumble up the leaf and be on the road for the lightning element. Again and again he grabbed a leaf to focus chakra in it and ended up with a burnt leaf every time.

After awhile and thousands of burnt leaf he gave up for awhile. He went back home exhausted from the training and the waist of chakra. He went back home it was late he was walking home during the night time around midnight. He went into his home. As soon as he got there we went up to his bed for some sleep. As soon as he got into bed he would dream about him training his lightning element. He began to think of all the opportunity all the jutsu that would open up to him if he had the lightning element. He was now unable to sleep as he was too excited for the new element. His chakra had completely recharged while he was thinking. He had dashed out of his house headed for the public park.

It was still late when Kino had arrived at the park. He grabbed a leaf again hopefully the last time and began charging chakra into it. He had held back his fire elemental chakra as much as he could hoping to be better then last time. He had been focusing the chakra ito the leaf awhile now trying to make it crumble as he opened his hands he had seen that the leaf. . . was burnt once again. He would continue with trying to crumble the leaf over and over again wanting to achieve more power. Continuing to charge chakra into random leaves. After awhile he had finally crumbled the leaf with his chakra and began on his path to get lightning element.

Now it was too late to change to a different element he was stuck with the lightning chakra training and couldn't go back couldn't change his mind now. He had successfully performed the first stage of gained the lightning chakra element. Now he would try it on a larger object one of which would be harder then just crumbling a leaf he would just and create a small charge which would shock the target a bit which required the target to be alive. He would look for a man to practice on. He had found one that agreed to help Kino in his training for free so they began as soon as possible. Kino had placed his hands on the man's back and would begin to focus lightning chakra so that the man would feel a slight shock. The amount of lightning chakra was too small however. Because Kino had never tried using lightning chakra on a larger target he would have a harder time with this then the leaf training.

Kino had kept up training with this almost all day the man had not minded he had no where to go. Kino would keep on focusing the lightning chakra into his hands and try to shock the man even a tiny bit would help yet because Kino had not tried training on something larger he was not used to this. This was really the only time Kino had actually trained willingly besides trying to train the first stage of the sharingan. Kino had actually tried in this training and not just brushed off the training and relaxed all day, this time he was out for power more then anyone else as he had a dream, to become the best shinobi and become unbeatable.

He would start to charge a rather large amount of lightning chakra as much as he could yet still nothing. The man had gave him a chakra pill which had increased his chakra slightly. Kino would still try and charge lightning chakra into the man once more. He had finally gotten a spark out and the man felt a small shock. He would continue to do this until th man would feel larger and larger feelings of shocks on his back. The man had left after Kino had syccessfully completed the second stage of lightning chakra training quicker then the first stage however Kino had expected it to be longer and harder then it was.

He was on his way home for the night it was late once more he had been training for two days now without much of a break. He began to think of a third stage to help him master the lightning element. He got two more people and went back to the park to continue train forgetting about his break. He began to put one hand on one of the men and the other hand on the other man and would begin to charge lightning chakra into his hands and try to shock them both. Last time he had used both hands and one target this time he was using one hand for each target which there were two targets.

He began to charge chakra into his hands trying to make it lightning chakra which would shock the two men. He got nothing he had charged his chakra yet nothing came out the men were not effected by the lightning chakra because Kino had not put enough into it. He ate the last of the chakra pills the man had given him to keep his chakra up. He began to charge chakra into his hands once more trying to shock the men again. He still had no luck the men were still uneffected. Kino kept doing this all day making his training days three day one break and non stop training.

Kino continued this for hours and not stoping for anything the men had fallen asleep once the way Kino was training would work they would be wake up. He continued to charge chakra for hours and hours with no luck his chakra wasn't going high enough to shock the men. He would try one last time to master the element and charge the chakra into the men shocking them. This time he was successful he had shocked the two men with his hands.

He had thanked the man and went home for some sleep. On his way home he found a katana on the ground next to someone sleeping on the ground. He stole it without the owner realizing. He would make this the fourth stage in training the lightning element, Charging lightning chakra into the metal part of the weapon. Before he would do this he remembered that we was going to take a break the rest of the day. He arrived at home and went to his bed to sleep. He had not remembered any of his dreams last night. He just got up and put on his blue and orange jackets and his blue jeans. He put on his blue shoes and his hidden leaf head band and his orange tinted goggles. He went back outside after grabing the weapon he had borrowed from the sleeping man and went to the public park.

When he arrived he took out the weapon and tried to charge chakra into it. It would have sparks of lightning jumpping off the weapon. but Kino was unable to as he had not done it with chaneling chakra yet which would take awhile. He would continue focusing chakra into the weapon waiting for it to spark. It had started to spark easier then he had thought. He had completely mastered the lightning element he thought but now he would have to test it with chakra paper. He took out some paper from his pocket and charged chakra into it makeing it crumble up which shown he had mastered the lightning element. Kino began to wonder the possibility with his new element the new jutsu that opened up and he had the best jutsu already in mind a jutsu that he wanted since genin. He was too tired to train it now however.

He went home and hoped into bed taking a nice long sleep now mastered with the lightning element thinking of jutsu to train. He had many idea flowing through his head while he slept dreaming of the perfect jutsu the perfect lightning jutsu for him and him only. Now Kino was on is path to being the best shinobi out there. He now was going to think about how much more oprotunity there was with all the jutsu there would be new taijutsu combo to open up with fire style. He could also get a merged element now because he had two elements. He already had a element in mind for an advanced element but he would wait awhile until he could become better with both elements. With his training successful he had not planed on training anything for awhile.

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Training lightning {Private} Empty Re: Training lightning {Private}

Post by Kai Terumi on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:40 pm

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