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Post by Blue Spirit on Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:25 pm

Rinnegan Training-1020 Words

Darkness was where he worked. Darkness was where he prevailed. But it is not the type of darkness you can see. It is the aura that surrounds him, the instant feeling of dread when he draws near. This is what describes Zen's best attribute. More then a man, but less than a god, he feared no man. He felt that his skill was unmatched due to fate. Zen sat in his office, behind a desk that had not been filled with paperwork since he become hokage. He had others to do the work. He was too busy ruling with an iron fist. The worst of the problems got to him, but his people knew not to come to him with petty information, for like them, it would not be worth his time. In front of him were two chairs. They stood alone in the empty space that was his office, and only the light from the window illuminated them. He leaned back and pondered on his most prized possession at the moment. The things that made him so great. His Rinnegan eyes.

How he got them was unlike any other ever had. Most recieved their eyes through great pain and sorrow. Luckily for Zen, he had never felt any of those things. Not even with the loss of his mother and father did he even cry. He just brushed it off and continued with his life. What did get him his eyes was the thirst for power he had. A thirst that never seemed to end, so he trained and trained, not knowing the reward that awaited him in the end. It was a pleasant surprise when he realized what had happened. How could he ever forget that day. It was after his chunnin exams, he had passed the second time around. But to this day, he blames it on his teammates, who lacked the strength to be noticed as his equal. He was now a chuunin of Konoha, and it meant that he had to get stronger. He knew he was the best genin in the village, but now he had a new level of shinobi to surpass.

One day, on a mission, he was teamed up with two other chuunin and a jounin on a mission to take out a camp of rogue ninja. When his team decided to rest the night before, be snuck off and attempted to defeat the group himself, believing that when they were sleeping was the best time to attack. What he did not know was that the shinobi had already known them to be following them, and set up the same plan for attack as he did. So on the way to their camp, they bump into eachother, and he was ambushed. Like his team, it was three chuunin and a jounin level ninja...At least thats what their vests let him know. Zen immediatley realized that they must have been a team from whatever village they had come from. The sensei ordered one of the three chuunin to stay and deal with him while the rest killed his team. He should have been alarmed, but instead he was elated, for he had gotten another stepping stone in his ascension to greatness.

It didn't take Zen long to realize that he was out of his league. The battle was a long and difficult one, and this chuunin was on a jounin level when it came to his taijutsu skills. His strength was overbearing, and his speed was impossible to keep up with. Zen used his katon and doton style techniques to hold his own against the boy, but his attempts at a hit seemed pointless. It was safe to say that this boy was more of an Anbu nin than anything. Zen was knocked back as he blocked a powerful kick from his opponent. Looking up, he saw the face of his attacker. And the guy was smiling. It was a smile that hadn't left his fave since the beginning of their battle. Thats when Zen realized it. He was being toyed with. His breaths were short and shallow as the boys were calm and slow. Sweat dripped from his face while the boy barely had dampened clothes. And that smile. It was a taunting smile that made Zen want to destroy him, despite the difference in power. Zen was being toyed with. And it was not a feeling he ever had before. For once in his life, he felt powerless.

And with the absence of confidence, a hidden power awakened within him. He slowly stood as he opened his eyes wide, the power they held flowed through his body like a wave of strength. He would wipe the smirk off that boys face. His red rinnegan glowed bright. He was not the only one to notice this. His opponent felt a sudden change of atmosphere, and his anxiousness led him to try and finish the fight quickly. Shooting towards Zen, he aimed a sharp punch at the boy's temple. But it was different this time. Zen could see it coming. Reaching his hand up, he caught the boys punch, stopping him in his tracks. Using his free hand, he sent a lightning coated punch to the boys abdomen, rendering him unconcious. But he did not want to stop there.

Pulling out a kunai, he held it high before plunging it into the boys heart. "Now I'm the one smiling," he said as he picked the lifeless body up over his shoulder. He would keep it as a souvenier for the time he almost lost. His victory was followed by the slaughter of the rest of the rogue ninja. His temporary team was happy, for he had just come in time. The were also on the verge of defeat, and his power was their saviors. Completing the mission, he did not think of the eyes as the end of his search for power. They were instead a door to find more power, and that was exactly what he did. That day, he was not just Zen Uzumaki. The Red Sage was born.
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Gaining the Ultimate Eye Technique Empty Re: Gaining the Ultimate Eye Technique

Post by Cut♠ on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:03 pm

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