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A vist.... from the emperor *OPEN TO ALL*

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A vist.... from the emperor *OPEN TO ALL*

Post by Hakai on Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:05 am

Hakai would depart from his massive fortress for a few days. It had been months since he visited the far east of his empire. As the the lord of the ninja world it was his job to make sure everything was in order. He wanted to make sure that the Village Hidden in the Ocean was still in tip top shape. As Hakai knew a rebel force was out there and he wanted to make sure his superior ninja force would always be ready. He had borned a grand vessels and in two days time he would see the massive floating village. Its exact location was never the same, making it impervious to invasions or spies. But on the same note it would be a pain to find even for allies. The crew had constant contact with the Nami, through messenger birds. So they knew their location and Nami would anchor for their arrival. As Hakai's masssive ship covered in leaf gold wood work, he would prepare to make his entrance.

He would guesture to his two main body guards to follow him. These two were Hakai's most trusted allies. He kept them with him at all times. But they were not his only security, as Hakai always brought with him a small army of skilled shinobi. As he was talked out he would be wearing a long balck robe similar to that of the kage's. But his would have soild gold buttons, ties and cufflinks. On the back would be his clan symbol and the front decorated with the Akatsuki sign. He would stroll down from the docks to mosh of people that would be in aw of his arrival or in fear of his arrival. As he did not come to the village under the pretense of a vist from the emperor. But as merchant ship, he would glare at his petty subjects around him. Watching them bow to his power and self proclaimed glory. He would march forward to chunin guards moving everyone aside, while his two body guards would follow behind.

Nami was humid and cool, it was like a tropical island. The ocean breeze wisp through the streets as Hakai stroll forward. This was one of his favorite villages. The emprie control 100s of villages at all different locations. But this one was one of Hakai's favorite, not because it was a ninja village and very large. But because he enjoyed the climate that surrounded all of the village hidden in the Ocean. Hakai would make his way of the bridge like pathways that connected platform to platform of the village. But soon he would arrive at his destination, Jim's Octopus Diner. It was a medium sized resstruant roughly 2000 square feet. It had a stationary wood flooring, that had various glass window to allow people to see through. Hakai didn't understand that as he would assume that the people of this village would be tired of seeing the ocean. But he didn't ponder on the subject long, before entering.

He would stroll in with Samehada on his back a long line would be wrapped around the restruant. But Hakai was the emperor of the ninija world, he didnt wait in lines. He would walk forward and people would bow out of the way. With a gesture of his hand he waved off his security. They would moved and surround the building, most goinig all the way around it. While other took the roof a few even cut holes in the ground and jumped through. Coming up for air ever once and while. His security was certainly percise. As Hakai would enter Jim's Seafood Diner, he would immeadately take a seat at an open table, the host led him to. He would only be accompanied by two his two main body guards. He would guesture to a waiter as he approached Hakai would ask him in a monatone voice to get the owner. As well as six servings of his famous calamari and three tall pina coladas. The waiter look unsure of what to do, as he thought it must have thought he was joking for a second. But Hakai would give the man a gesture to leave and hurry up.

With in a few minutes six massive plates of calimari and two large glasses of pina coladas. He would gesture to his Uchiha body guard. Trust me this is the best calimari in the entire world. Nothing can compare to his flavoring and cooking skill of seafood. Hakai was very animalistic and the same with his eating he would not use a fork or proper utinsel. Be would reach down and grab it with his hand. With a quick motion he threw a piece in his mouth. A large grin appeared on his face showing his adnormally large canine teeth. Hakai would take a few bites of this delicious food he order, before a man would appear before him. The man would be in chef style attire, with sweat on his brow, clearly from working in the hot kitchen. Food stands littered across his clothing a true sign of a chef. With a slight seak of fear the man would speak. He would stand their timidly and say you requested my presence empire Hakai?

Hakai would nod at the man and smile. Jim have very good calimari, I am not a fan of a lot of seafood. But its good and because of that you are coming with me, when I return to my fortress above the village hidden in the Gold Mines. You will have a mansion in the compound for you and your family. You will only be required to cook this meal for me, when I crave it. As I can't be traveling for days just to have it. So Get ready we will leave in a few days. Hakai would look at the man without a sign of emotion in his face. He wanted to let this man know he was serious. I suggest you get to packing, I will assign a few members of the crew to help. Once you are packed tell them and they will take you items to my ship. that is all, you may leave now. The man would be shocked as he slowly turned around. Hakai would go back to eating his food as he mumbled to his guards. Pretty productive day, so far. New member to the cooking staff, which was my top priority. But now that I have Jim, and the best cook in this city. I just need to talk to the Namikage. He should have gotten the word to show up by now.


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Re: A vist.... from the emperor *OPEN TO ALL*

Post by Hakai on Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:06 am

OCC: Any grammar errors my bad, to lazy to read through it. Plus I am on my ipad so its annoying. I had to turn auto correct off or it would change every non real word to the closest thing. Which is no beno for Naruto RPing. :P


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Re: A vist.... from the emperor *OPEN TO ALL*

Post by Demonfist on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:04 am

Senjin laid somewhat asleep on a couch in one of the many room's in the fortress of the emperor. In his usual attire of all black. His black jacket with the hooded attachment laid resting on a chair near the couch he was somewhat asleep on. His katana also laying next to the chair. Senjin could relax pretty good here more so then his own home. Which wasn't that far from the fortress. Hakai prefered his two main body guards close. He actually wanted them to stay in the fortress with him, so they wouldn't be a need to his messager birds of other shinobi to come get them from there homes. Something senjin protested against. Even though most of the time he was here sleeping on this couch whichhe prefered more then the ber that was in the room as well. His jet black mask covering with the green lining coming down the side was covering his face. Even when he sleep he kept the mask on, Not wanting people to know who he was underneath it.

The only person that knew he was the son of madara and in uchiha for that matter was the emperor himself. But then again why wouldn't he know. The emperor was as well the only person that had ever seen Senjin face out of this mask. Anyone else wh has seen it is dead. Something he would like to stay that way.

As senjin was still resting on the couch a knock came at the door. Senjin feeling a little lazy didn't want to get up, so he just ordered them to come in. A young shinobi most likely of chuunin or jounin rank walked in. Somewhat fearful of senjin he stepped in the door but didn't move any farther as he began to speak." Sir the emperor has summoned you". Senjin looked over to the shinobi standing at the door. As he rolled over and placed his feet on the floor, still sitting in on the couch. His piercing sapphire eyes, seem like they were burning a hole threw the man chest. As the man took a step back from the fear. Senjin eye's seem to be cold and emptyless. An evil grin appeared under senjin mask." What is it that he needs from me, i sense he's in no danger, and even if he was i doubt he would need me to come aid him". Senjin stated in a very agroant tone. The shinobi stood there silent not knowing what to say. He was scared if he said something else. Senjin probably wouldn't like it and killed him on the spot. But if he were to return to hakai and told him senjin wasn't coming, out of rage he would kill the him as well, feeling as though he couldn't do a simple task as to fine senjin and bring him to him.

Senjin watched the shinobi movements. Even though he was standing still to the normal eyes. Senjin was eyes were more advnace then normal shinobi, he could see that the man was shaking in fear. Senjin shook his head in disappoint. As he rose to his feet. " Well do you know why he is calling for me". As the words came out his mouth he seen the shinobi start to shake even more violently. " He.... He....... Stated....... that he was..... leaving....... for a few days....... and want you to come with him...... To nami..... si....... Sir". Senjin lturned away from the guard as he picked up his katana and placed it on his hip, followed by picking up his jacket and throwing it on. Placing the hood of the jacket over his head. As his mask seem to disappear underneath it. Senjin walked by the shinobi and let himself out the room. The shinobi then fell to both his knees. Trying to stop himself from shaking so violently.

" Hmm a trip to nami huh?, sounds interesting i've heard good things about there kage, lets see if he lives up to his rep" Senjin stated now heading towards the main room of the fortress where Hakai would most like be. It only took him a few mintues to get there, would have been less if he didn't take his sweet time getting there. Hakai was walking out the room with the other body guard not to far behind him. Hakai had already knew senjin was there so he didn't bother looking back as they left the fortress and heaed towards the harbor.

It didn't take them long to get there either seeing as everything hakai did had to be in the most grandest of ways. Senjin was somewhat surpirsed when they didn't aboard the normal emepror ship. Which was nearly three times the side of the ship they were on heading towards nami. But then again he did state he wasn't going there just to go. He was going there for a reason. So senjin just believed he didn't want the people to know he was coming. More of a surprise visit so to say. Something senjin didn't really care about as long as he got to go somewhere.

It had taken them two days to travel to Nami. The village was a huge floating Island. It neve stay in one place, it was always moving around making it hard for other people to find it. But wear had gotten to them that the empreor was coming so they probably have stopped moving awaiting his arrival. The ship they were on wasn;t as big as the normal ship they usually were on, but it was still big nonetheless. Senjin watched as Hakai was the first to dis embark from the ship, follow by him and the other body guard. Of course hakai didn't tend to travel with just him and his two body guards, but in reality thats all he really needed. There was a small calvary of shinobi with him. All following him to the location he was planning on going. Senjin was thinking he would go straight to the kage building. He notie that hakai was going in the exact opposite direction. Senjin ponder it for a second until they appeared infront of a resturant.

There was a huge line of people waiting to be serve that went all the way out the resturant. Senjin could only chuckle a bit as hakai walked in passing every one that was in line. As the hostess realizing who he was had bowed just like the rest of the people he had walked by and ask from him to follow her to his table. As they started to walk towards the table Hakai made a slight hand gesture and in an instant every shinobi that was behind him had vainshed most of them outside and on the roof of the resturant and other roofs that weren't that far off from the resturant, Looking for any signs of danger for Hakai.

Senjin watched as the waitress showed them where they would be sitting. As Senjin hand never left the hilt of his blade sense they had disembark off the ship. Hakai took a seat and as he realize hakai felt like he was comfortable he released his hand off the hilt of his blade. It wasn't shaking at all so he knew there wasn't anyone that skilled or his sword feeled as skilled as he was. Senjin took a chair from a table not to far off from there own and took a seat. As hakai placed in order for some food and drinks for them and then order her to bring them the order of the resturant.. Senjin stop the waitress before she walked off and ask her to bring him some pork fried ramen. She nodded and bowed before walking off.

Other people had seen to be waiting for there food for quite some time. he notice a few people had place there order before them and were still waiting for there own food, As the waitress and another waiter had came with the food they had ordered. The waitress placed the food infront of there respected owners. As senjin turned to hakai as he stated this man's food was the best around. senjin picked up some chopsticks that were placed next to his bowl of ramen. He broke the sticks apart as he watched Hakai pick up the food with his bare hands, and in a quick motion threw it in his mouth. Senjin lifted his mask up alittle enough so he could eat the ramen. His hoddy still on cloaking even his mouth from few as he started to eat the ramen.

It hadn't taken long for the chef to come out from the back. Hakai still eating looked up at the chef informing him that he loved his food and he was now coming back with him to his fortress due to the fact that he didn't want to travel serveal days to come here and eat his food. When he could have him on call to cook and bring him the food in a matter of minutes. Senjin had paused from eating as Hakai told him he and his family would need to pack and be ready to leave in a few day's time. After he had finish saying what he had to say he had signal for the man to leave. the man has stood there for a few more second almost seeing confused. or prehaps it was that he didn't want to leave and want to say soemthiing about it, But knew that if he had not agree to this he would have probably been killed. The man turned around and walked away.

Senjin looked over to Hakai once again " My Lord this man seems as though he didn't want to leave... reguardless of that I thought we were hear to meet with the kage of this village, were you to meet him here?" Not really caring for an answer senjin turned away from hakai and turned eating his ramen again. He had to agree with hakai on this the food here was amaze, Prehaps he would use this man as well to prepare this food for hi as well. He chuckled to himself at the thought of it.


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Re: A vist.... from the emperor *OPEN TO ALL*

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