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Tsukiko Mayu's Jutsu

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Tsukiko Mayu's Jutsu

Post by Tsukiko Mayu on Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:55 pm

Name: Mayu Gen'ei - Kai Reversal Technique
Rank: B
Type: Genjutsu, Supplementary
Element: ~
Description: By activating this specialized form of Kai: Release, if the user is already inside of an illusion imposed by any type of Genjutsu-related effect, it potentially reverses the effects of the Illusion and places it onto the person who used the Genjutsu in the first place. The way this happens is the following:

Considering during the usage of a Genjutsu, the user of said Genjutsu's mind is "linked" to the person they are corrupting with the illusion. By activating this jutsu, it potentially blocks the targeted Genjutsu by partially breaking from it, and reverses it diverse effects onto the enemy instead. Once this happens, the enemy is subject to falling into any illusion placed onto them by the Mayu Gen'ei user. (This jutsu is restricted to Mayu Gen'ei and people a user of the jutsu teaches).
Tsukiko Mayu
Tsukiko Mayu

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Re: Tsukiko Mayu's Jutsu

Post by Demonfist on Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:14 pm

Hmm.. this jutsu is similar in effects to that of what a sharingan user can cast. But off that as i said in the chatroom this is an Rpg based in the future so i think someone or some new clan would be able to perform this without the need of the sharingan. So....



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