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Post by +Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie) on Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:50 pm

Name – Enhanced Medical Vision
Type – Surgical Alteration
Rp – Studying the many bloodlines around her for some years now and actually seeing the user many of these could have in the medical field, Kaira has been very carefully researching a way to alter her own eyes to hopefully try incorporate some of the features these blood lines posses.
The only true abilities she has tried to incorporate into her own eyes from the study of these bloodlines, is the ability to see within the human body at various levels to actually be able to see where a person may be injured internally so she can administer treatment directly to the area rather than waste her efforts on healing the entire body.
The other ability she has incorporated into this alteration of her eyes is the ability to roughly see a person’s chakra network, which would allow her to actually change her medical techniques to directly affect this rather then heal the body, allowing her to replenish another chakra at her own expense, though even with this sight it is not a perfect ability to see the chakra network so she is unable to strike at it like the Hyuuga, only able to heal it.
To achieve this alteration to her eyes, she would need someone with the ability to actually alter ones body without changing to much physically, so after going through the council and getting proper permission she has asked Layie to do such, giving Layie a strict medical guide to follow for the procedure as Kaira is sure that it will work.
After the medical alteration is complete, Kaira will be virtually blind for a few days as her eyes adjust to the new vision she is capable of attaining, which is why she must remain in hospital after the surgery is complete.
When the eyes are in use in this mode, they take on an almost mirror like silver appearance, people able to see their own reflections in such, this is to allow Kaira to select in which spectrum she wishes to see in whilst glancing into a body and to also select which level of ‘x-ray’ she wishes to use, whether it be a layer of clothes or deep within muscle. When not in use, her eyes would simply be as they normally are, though a bit more reflective than usual.

Pvp Abilities –

Direct Treatment
Rp – The ability to look directly into either the users or another’s body greatly improves the ability to treat a wound, this reduces the amount of wasted chakra on all body healing by applying it directly to an internal or external wound by a small degree.

Body Invasion
Rp – Now able to see directly through both clothes and the body itself this lets Kaira now directly see any internal wounds or the extent of external wounds, this helps her grant the right treatment for injuries as well as monitor the body itself.

Chakra Sight
Rp – Being able to see into the body has also let Kai develop the technique further to be able to roughly see the chakra network moving through someone’s body and is now able to read their level of chakra as well as direct basic medical jutsu toward the network to restore it at a lower level, though she cannot strike at the chakra network like a Hyuuga.
Pvp – Can read Cp, Can use Medical and to heal cp instead of hp, though the target only gains half the amount healed. This cannot be used for 'scouting' purposes like the Hyuuga's Byakugan, nor is it able to see through illusions/clones like the byakugan.

Passive Abilities –

Increased Body Knowledge
Rp – The ability to see now directly within the body and study both the bodies workings and the bodies chakra network has let Kai see some things in an active state rather than a deceased state she is used to studying bodies. This has slightly increased her knowledge of the bodies’ functions.

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+Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie)
+Kaira Rose Kami(Snookie)

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Enhanced Medical Vision-KKG Empty Re: Enhanced Medical Vision-KKG

Post by Takai on Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:00 pm

Ok looks good to me Approved


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Enhanced Medical Vision-KKG Empty Re: Enhanced Medical Vision-KKG

Post by Hakai on Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:28 pm

umm approved and everything but you already have a kekkei genkai.


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Enhanced Medical Vision-KKG Empty Re: Enhanced Medical Vision-KKG

Post by Sponsored content

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