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Post by Hakai on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:40 pm

Strength: How strong you're character is physically, effecting things like the following: how hard you character can hit, how fast your character can throw a ninja tool, how fast your character can swing, how high your chakra can jump and how much your character can lift.

Speed: How fast your character can move, effecting things like the following: how fast your character can sprint, how fast he can weave signs,and how fast they can move any part of their body.

Stamina: How long your character can last in a fight, effecting things like the following: how long your character anc fight after taking hits. How many hits he can take before having to call it quits or passout/die. Stamina does not effect chakra level, it effects your character's physical level of sustainability. A deity of Stamina can withstand even a few S rank blows and still stand to continue to fight.

Chakra Limit: How much chakra your character has, effecting things like the following: how many jutsu your character can use in a fight, the power behind certain jutsu, the ability to do certain jutsu or wield special weapons. Allowing a master to have chakra equal to that of a biju's.

Chakra Control: How well your character can control his chakra, effecting things like the following: how well your character can use puppetry techniques, genjutsu and medical jutsu. This also allows your character to better release genjutsu. Chakra control is needed to become a master of genjutsu, medical ninjutsu or puppetry. The higher your character's control of their chakra is the better they can utilize all jutsu.

Intelligence: How high your character's IQ is and how fast they can understand enemies jutsu in battle. It also allows your character to cut training costs, specified by the level they use it at. High intelligence is required for futurist weaponry, this site allows. Once a master they will be able to have almost complete knowledge of one ninja subject. Ex: Water ninjutsu, medical jutsu, sealing arts, metals, chess strategy. One canNOT have a just ninjutsu it must be a specific element or type.

D rank: 110
C rank: 200
B rank: 300
A rank: 400
S rank: 550
SS rank: 650

Anything higher than 15 is D rank skill but not greater than 30.
Anything higher than 30 is C rank skill but not greater than 50.
Anything higher than 50 is B rank skill but not greater than 70.
Anything higher than 70 is A rank skill but not greater than 100
Anything higher than 100 is S rank skill but not greater than 150.
Anything higher than 150 is Legendary Skill level or SS rank but not greater than 250.
Anything higher than 250 is Deity level, this is beyond that of normal skill. A shinobi must dedicate their whole lives to a single type of training. These are people like the 3rd Raikage with stamina, Tsunde with chakra control, or the 4th Hokage with speed.

There is no cap on each category. Anyone can put anything in these stats, it is up to you. But your skill rank will be equal to the letter amount. All ranks have caps, equal to the starting level of the rank. Meaning D rank can go to 200 stat points, C rank can go to 300, B rank can train up to 400, A rank can train up to 500 and S rank can train up to 600. SS rank legendary ninja can train up to 700.
TRAINING: 50 words = 1 stat point, meaning 50 stats = 2,500 words.
For A rank and under ninja, missions can count towards training. But the only post containing to the mission, no walking or stopping at to use the restroom. That is good for missions and rping, but it won't be counted. Staff must decide on mission how many stat points its worth based on post count of the entire mission for the character. They will round to the nearest 50.

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Stat System Empty Re: Stat System

Post by Cut♠ on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:37 am

Battle System

We are a post vs post type rpg site but we also use stats. RPGing Skills beats close stats everytime. So please consider you can still jutsu as a killing strike but if the attack is not fatal there will be battle damge to avoid confusion and unessary endless battles.This will also try to promote more rping instead of these battles where we try to one post each other.



All Health will be 100/100 for each character as your rank progess so will your health. You can eat certain food and buy health with Ryo.Health is a key part of the battle system. It allows us to short battles and make them easier to pick out a winner.Once someone health 0 they automanicly faint.When some one health equals below 40 there chakra cost will grow to eating double the amount it normal cost showing the are growing fatugie.


Each Justu rankl have it's own damage ratio. Such as Cannon Jutsu Damage Ratio;

D-Rank Justu give an opponent a total of 25 damage points.

C-Rank justu give an opponent a total of 35 damage points.

B-Rank Jutsu give an opponent a total of 55 damage points.

A-Rank Justu give an opponent a total of 65 damage points.

S-Rank gives an opponent a total of 75 damge points.
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