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Naruto Revelation Madara's Take over

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Naruto Revelation Madara's Take over

Post by Cut♠ on Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:06 pm

There was once five shinobi nations,Now we are only tasten, blood for the villages we love, Madara Treatens,and Madara creat weapons, now those who controll the guns,Are Power souls who runs, from the new contries, childern grow hungry,The men in the clouds,the red and the black,sing how they torn down,where I lay my heads and my shacks, Is it not enough I'm a refugee,it's tough to be ,from the caves, or be brave to live underground,16 hundred pounds deep,16 hundred rounds I keep in my gun,if you know me I'm a shinobi, and I don't know only, ninjutsu,but genjtsu,and kenjutsu, I got so many styles, I lay akatsuki skums down like tiles and gum.

Bijuu,is like vodoo, it's black magic, at that should be called a tragic, Hail Pein, let Madara Rein, I sing the tone of the emirpe, my empore inspire me to rise higher,I love my villages,I kill rebel ninjas ,from the ocean to the gold mines, keep me hoping, and reminds me, why I'm a shinobi for ,free, free, freedom, we hum, the song, i learn in my village,they want plege,and kill me,women, and childern,feel drive ,to the cause of war, the ones i love is who I fight for,I fallow my rebel leader, till trouble or either.

The Emipre,and Rebels hate like fire, their vampires, lurking for power, I only want peace, at least between the humans,they all should uion, the true evil, has yet to show his sqeul, we defeated it from reaching earth, it hurt, to see the lands at war,I wish the humans can understand more,the wing ones,bring scrons, in the shape of the depcatied,savage,savage ,is the world.

Madara Uchiha declared war on the great nations.With the seven bijuu he had in his possession. Also adding him the Akatsuki and the young Sasuke Uchiha.The power out matched the great nations. Causeing Madara and the Akatsuki to defeat the allies.Madara used all nine tail bijuu to form the ten tailed jubbi. The beast unleashed a powerful Tsukuyomi.. The Genjutsu trapped the whole world into a Giant illusion chaning the world it an alternate Universe.

In this alternate Universe the nine tailed beast had all separated from the jubbi. Each one being sealed inside a new host.Also long with the normal bijuu, there are new tailed beast instead of being sealed it they are really the bijuu. Now there are bijuu who took human form. There is also te Kokogen Angels these are angels of time that have came to creation with the new bijuu. There job is to make sure the Bijuu power are limited and the world is balanced.

With this building Madara's new world. The Akatsuki have created one empire as long with new hidden villages. Every shinobi new dream is not just to be the next kage but to kill bijuu are earn the Emperor rank.The villages have took their only advancements. They started to build more better and modern homes. They have created small explosives. They have created modern Guns or western Senbon launchers.

The Akatsuki Empire is now the one shinobi empire broken down into three villages. The Akatsuki empire wish to rid the world of all bijuu. Most of the bijuu that taken human form had side with the Rebels who wish to defeat the Akatskui emipre and create their new world of peace between each village.

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Re: Naruto Revelation Madara's Take over

Post by Cut♠ on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:56 am

All Admins and Mods as their duties must crreate an NCP for everyone to role play with when they need an event character or storyline character. They will be playing various of roles such as body guards, soilers, and rouge shinnobi and ETC...

Any one who want to recive an main character role pm me and I will give you the details.
Rouge Ninja
Rouge Ninja

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